Karemdol Rises! - Atlantis Rises but for Season One

Searched but wouldn’t be surprised if this has been suggested before.

The Season One map is called Karemdol - it’s available as an Avi background.

As per Atlantis Rises, could we have a similar period monthly with improved loot and WE cost? Help us love Shriker Islands and Shaguad Desert again?

You could even chuck a few dusty Thoths and Margarets in the Epic Summons.


Hi @JonahTheBard, i know you are new to the forum but you must use the ideas section for this :face_with_monocle:


Boo…the ideas section is kryptonite to threads. The vote system is more broken than Gobbler.

My other idea is to bin the ideas section.


S1 hard mode would also be cool to bridge the time until S3.


I am not seeing how this helps the Devs.

Challenge Rising

You could change it so during Challenge events the matching color Bosses are effected.

During Challenge events reflect yellow event, all Season 1, and Season 2, stages with a yellow Boss give +50% loot and are -1 World Energy and a unique enemy would drop colored coins, 100 coins would allow a Challenge event summons.

During Challenge events reflect yellow event, they would drop yellow coins that could be used for the Guardians summons.

1.12-9 has a yellow Boss, so during reflect yellow ( Guardians) it would be +50% loot, 3 we and a chance of a clockwork mob that drops yellow coins for use in the summons.

Summons Token

This seems boring.

Maybe they could add a hard mode just to the Elite mob stages?

As a reward, the first time you complete them it gets a silver Daily summons token for normal and a gold Epic Hero token for hard.

Completing 1.23-6N would give a silver Daily summons token while 1.23-6H would give a gold Epic Hero token.

Completing all Season 1 hard stages would give you a Commander Grey avatar.


I respect you, so I will not move this to #ideas-feature-requests




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Ok, ok… I’ll be a grown up.

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Yes, I like that

And yes, I can see how the Devs would want to fuel an event that draws in the spenders.


Rises would help the devs, since the players would buy world energy.

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Only if 1.8-7 cost 1.0 or 1.5 we.

Otherwise 2.6-9N at 3 we is still champ for Recruits per World Energy, 2.15-8H is still champ for Recruits per loot ticket and 2.1-4N is champ for kit/ backpacks.

Even at 1.0 we for 1.8-7, I would not purchase world energy. My phone would overheat worse than for AR.

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How do you figure? All of 2:1-xN gives the same backpacks, and all of 2:1-xH also gives the same backpacks (Hard being higher backpacks outside AR, and normal being higher during AR)

I like 2:1-2N or 2:1-3N and 2:1-7H and 2:1-8H as the levels tied for best recruits respectively in normal and hard as a general preference, although 2:1-9N has more monsters if you want a higher monster count and slightly more XP but fewer recruits.


Thank you for the heads up.

Still used to ignoring kits/ backpacks ( pre Advanced House ). I will have to go over the numbers for 2.1. Looks like I recorded some numbers for Hard, when I was actually running Normal. Dang.

Is it really called Karemodl?

Karemodl = Lame Dork

I may of been been triggered…


Yes, it’s the one the avatar backgrounds that cycle around the shop.

Great bit of anagraming!!

With the introduction of relics, this idea is most likely dead.

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Maybe once a week for giving some sense to those relics.

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Yer, I expect so :man_shrugging:t3:

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