(Kalo's) Stoneskin has no coherence. Costumed Sabina vs Malosi against Kalo

I found out an issue about Kalo’s stoneskin passive. Here are 3 screenshots. 1st is the defense team, 2nd shows that costumed Sabina’s immune can block Kalo’s stoneskin, and 3rd shows that Malosi can’t block it.

Costumed Sabina’s card says “… immune to new status effect buffs…” and
Malosi card says “… cannot cast any new status effects…”

I think ‘new status effects’ includes ‘new status effect buffs’ and "new status ailments’ So, if Costumed Sabina can block something, it means Malosi also can do it.

Somebody can tell ‘stoneskin is a passive, not a special skill.’ If it’s right, Costumed Sabina can’t block it.

So there’s no coherence about Kalo’s or all those new gargoyles’ stoneskin passive.

Is it a bug or intended?

Your screenshot actually gave you the answer, the stone skin is NOT cast, it’s a PASSIVE, hence Malosi can’t block it.


Suddenly, I found out there’s a difference between Sabina & Malosi. Malosi can block only ‘casting’ not a passive. Costumed Sabina’s immune is not about casting. There can be cases that Costumed Sabina can block, but Malosi can’t. I think you’re right. Thanks.

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Just curious, but that is a funky looking avatar. Is it S5 because I have not attempted anything from that season

What a great question @Tidyup - interesting avatar indeed. Now I want to know too lol

Yes @Sarah2 @Tidyup it’s a S5 avatar.


It’s the S5 second boss mission’s avatar.

Thank you so much … Mystery solved as I’m working on that one now :innocent:.

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