Kalø vs Counterattack

My ally complained that Kalø interracts with counterattack in very strange way: Kalø vs counterattack - YouTube
1:25 - Kalo gets riposte from his own hits and Quintus’ skill.
3:00 - Kalo gets riposte from his own skill and Neith, and further there are “1” from Quintus.
According to his description, passive fires after special skill, and only when Kalø made his turn instead of all dead allies, his skill is finished. So he must turn Stoneskin on only after he fired special for dead heroes and somehow survived counterattack.
There already was topic about this issue, but it was closed without any reply, so I have to doublepost.


Hi all

I am not sure on how I can chage the format of my Army I am still in the standard v format, however, i notice others are in different formats

Can anyone offer suggestions ?

The problem with using Kahlo’s SS against a counterattack was on the surface from the very beginning, at least for me.

Six months later, I still did not understand the algorithm of his attack. I think the owners of Kahlo are happy with him the way he is.

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You can only change the formation of the defense team in the Hero Academy.
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Nice catch.

I have asked Staff to look at it.

Thank you for the report, we’ll investigate this issue here!


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