Kalø doesn’t get mana

Kalø doesn’t get the 10% mana from fallen Xnolphod’s ability.

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If you’re giving mana to living allies, you should be working fine… xnolphod, gives the 10% to allies and nothing for him but healing. Kalo is taking xnolphod’s turn, so only allies receive the 10% bonus.
At least that’s how I see it, I could be wrong.

sorry if english is bad, translator’s fault :smiley:

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Yes, as I recall Xnolphod just boost only other allies mana.

Xnolphod gives mana himself too.


Ok, can you take screenshots before and after Kalo fires his skill ?

Was there any ailment on Kalo, which can prevent gaining mana with Special Skills ?
(Some hero have / will have giving this ability).

Sorry, I’m going to upload again


Thx for the screenshots.
Yes, it seem he does not gained any mana at all, and I do not see any ailment icons what could prevent this effect to be applied.

I am asking Staff to look at it.

Thank you for the report, we’ll investigate this issue here!

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