Kalø Challenge : Let destroy E&P 🤣

Please don’t talk about nerfing Kalø

It come from this idea

Since I also host this competition

I think it will be great that I will host Kalø Challenge too. (It has to be separate competition because Kalø Challenge is too overpower.)

The rule is very similar. Except that you have to bring at least 1 Kalø :sweat_smile:

Here is the rule

  • Your team must have at least 1 Kalø.
  • You don’t have to be the record holder or beat anyone. Feel free to post your largest different teampower battle that you win.
  • The battle can be raid, raid tournament (any mode), war (any mode) or friendly battle.
  • The defense team can be anything in any formation.
  • Because it can be cheated, to make legitimate record, you have to capture picture or record a video or both.
    • If you record a video, the video have to show your teampower, defense team’s teampower and your fight.
    • If you capture picture, you have to capture your teampower and defense team’s teampower and capture enough picture to show that you really win the battle (at least 4 picture in different turn).

I will keep this area in the main post for the record holder.

The current record holder is @Zakuha at 3083 power different.


I found this. It is the highest team power different I found with Kalø. I am very sure it can be much larger, so I will put it as the record holder for temporary :sweat_smile:

:rofl: just found this…and did some quick friendly

i’m missing a 4th unleveled treevil, so theres way more potential…or maybe just go with 3? will try, if i find the time :smiley:


Thank you. I think you have really good board you can win with only 2 unlevel Treevil :slightly_smiling_face:

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Kalo copies the skill at the same level right? So he would actually be doing more damage if the treevils had 8/8 skill? Of course that would increase TP in this challenge, but better reflection of his real power.

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I think yes but there is still no test on that.

But that all make Treevil survive longer which isn’t very good.

Kalo+2 have not been sufficient, but this worked:



Congrats that’s 3083 TP difference. :+1:

@u2371 that is even enough to take the lead in the general biggest TP difference thread. (and to update the op). Now I have to look for some new victims, to get it back over there :rofl:


Kalo’s card is “Casts the Special Skills of all fallen allies.” whatever the current state of the ally’s special skill is how it will be cast by Kalo. Goseck at 1/8, i think, is 290% base and up to 615%, so in the current examples, those would be the numbers. remember that the cards update when special skills reach a new level, so at 1.1, it will be a 1/8 skill, using the relevant percentages and numbers.

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Congratulations :+1:

Yes, that I why I say you need really good board to charge Kalo again. It isn’t easy but possible :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, that is why he is banned in that competition :smile:

How did they let that hero through like that? :joy:Has someone been terminated?


The designer got a raise as so many are going to throw money for him as well and then they nerf him eventually and they both laugh together