Kalø Balance Update - Discussion

Are you trying to achieve satisfaction by killing your own heroes? And if your heroes lives, you’re somehow not satisfied?

Kalo was deigned to be a fun safety net.

But they got the balance very wrong and suddenly he became way too offensive.

I don’t want to win easy and I don’t want people beating me easy. So as soon as I got Kalo I knew he would be changed. I mean it was blatantly obvious he wasn’t right.

So I held off for the nerf and then we went through a rush war cycle and saw that he’s still utterly ridiculous in that setting. The direct damage was I guess the little extra if nothing is dead but that needed to be minimal rather than he’s amazing whether things are dead or alive.

So now we’ve assessed him through the war I will be ascending mine, putting 20 emblems in and limit breaking him. All of that after the nerf and with zero regrets in doing so. He’s a beast in Rush and that’s absolutely fine.

If you want to just win easy all the time then sorry they got your hopes up. But he was never staying like that.


All they had to do was to change the last line of his special, so that he doesn’t fire all of dead heroes’ abilities. That’s it, that was the problem.
“LeTs NeRf ThE dAmAgE aNd MaNa SpEeD” :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:

Have fun against Kalo in rush tho :v:t3:

It was obvious he would still be crazy good in Rush (after the nerf). I have zero regrets maxing, embleming, and LBing him from day one.
He was definitely broken in the initial release but that’s on SGG.

Oh 100% on SGG but you have to be aware of these things as well. If it looks too good to be true then it probably is. Anyone that has played for a reasonable amount of time is fully aware of how wrong he was.

So if you rushed to LB and emblem the dude that’s all good, just don’t complain when the inevitable happens and he is nerfed.

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Couldn’t agree more. I believe anyone that’s played this game for more than a couple of years should be aware of this possibility and expect it when a hero that’s as broken as Kalo was initially is released.
I still had fun with him for a couple of weeks after the release and now he’s going to be a mainstay for Rush wars/tourneys…unless he gets nerfed some more :joy:

I don’t see any more nerfs tbh. He gets to live in Rush now with all the other broken nonsense. And as far as I can see it SGG is fine with that. “Here be Monsters” and all that.

Hopefully. I’ll wait a bit before investing resources into the 2nd one. Having more than one offensive team sport Kalo in VF wars cannot hurt.

You didn’t get the point. I was talking about the fact that a very slow hero can’t do so little damage. It’s not even enough to kill the weakest minion. You think this is normal…

It’s actually a stealth buff as he got stronger in rush formats. 4 tiles of stoneskin.

You all talk about very fast modes, that he can do something there, but apparently you forget that he was average… A hero with an average speed is a universal hero that is suitable for any modes, so he was universal, and now he is just a castrated animal for one mode in the game. From universal to narrowly focused, moreover mediocre, this is not normal at all. He hit 500-600 on everyone, for four it’s a lot, they could do this damage 200-300 with the same average speed. Either 400-450 but remove the second skill. But what they have done now is just terrible, they will not take him to the attack team or put him on the defensive in normal modes, which occupy 90% of this game.


Do you mean a team of his rank with 4* heroes or a team of 5000+?

Any team, he could play well everywhere. I myself wanted to remove Elradir from the defense team and put him on, now I certainly won’t do it. And precisely because of the very slow speed and negligible direct damage.

I have him emblemed and LB , he is unit for VF wars and i am happy to have him

Just Limit Broker him too.

Disappointed that he was relegated to being just a rush arena hero but in rush he still provides the gonzo “last man” smash in that niche.

SG would have handled this better if they had wanted to.

If they make additional adjustments they should be sure if brings him back to relevance in all arenas.

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Yes, but then look at 3star treevil! Vf war with a 3star tank not only blurs points but the entire game

Injusto desequilibrar a kalo los que invertimos para tenerlo somos jugadores importantes … La verdad no fue justo