Kalo and Ludwig

I noticed in the raid tournament today that Kalo took Ludwig’s taunt as soon as Ludwig died. Kalo did this without casting. This doesn’t seem right? Ludwig had max aether second tier. So he starts the round with taunt, but how is it Kalo got it without casting? I don’t see anything in his special skill saying he’s granted dead Allie’s automatically without casting.

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Because Kalo is a badass and thats all it takes.


My guess was it was a level 90 Ludwig killed while he had Alpha Taunt up, which doesn’t need to be casted, thus it switched to Kalo the Copycat when he died.

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I don’t have Ludwig, but tried with Shrubbear LB2. He died quickly, but Kalo didn’t get his taunt. So either this is a Ludwig only thing, or the OP may have missed something.

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If this is what happened, I’d be curious to know if this is “working as intended.” I wouldn’t think so.

What are other heroes in your and opponents teams? Did you have any taunt hero in your team? Maybe there is someone in opponents team who stole your taunt and gave it to Kalo.


Any chance Ludwig dies and u didn’t notice kalo going off?

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Most of these are eaiser to explain as human error rather than some bug or strange interaction. Not always. Pretty sure it’s the case here.