🦸‍♂️ Kalø - 4* Nature / Green from Sanctuary of Gargoyles

Which is okay. That means ftp or ctp are gonna have a stronger hero too.


It’s the very definition of what an overpowered hero is.


What emblems would you use, attack, life or defense?

Second post has the poll question for this exact question

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Guys, Kalo is an interesting guy that gives some balance to the game and is attainable by everyone. Don’t see any problem with him as is. Depends on your roster, survivability and other factors. No one said LoLo needs nerf and he can copy any skill if charged. No conditions. 3 Loki’s and 2 healers in a 3-2 and it’s also a good game.


This appears to be the main problem for some.



I’ve seen a guy getting 7 Kara’s and maybe some other 5* in ~60 pulls and I got only one in 120 and no other 5* so I want those lucky pulls nerfed as well if we are going to make this game balanced.

Why are portals not programed the same for everyone, so if 2 players do like 100 pulls, they would get the same amount of event and s1 heroes of same rarities?

This game does not work like that. So, why nerfing a 4* hero is needed if hundreds of other aspects determine one’s “success” in this game and the main two factors are LUCK and bank account/willingness to spend?

How did this hero ever even make it to beta much less into an actual summons portal? :joy:


I feel bad for my 1on1 war opponent, but at least he saw some fireworks.
… I have Frosth, Malicna, Young May - nerfed badly … I have Ferant - nerfed badly … now this humble boy …


so is he worth limit break since everyone talking about he going get nerfed soon? i just maxed him & think of putting him in 5 star raids or tournaments but this nerf talk is making me step on the brakes to LB him & give emblems as well

do it for fun, but dont get too atached to him. it will be nerffed yes

Fun hero but too situational. Good luck trying to win by getting team mates to die first.

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And Lord Loki’s. He would not duplicate Lord Loki’s special skill

I think they need to change loki’s card now. Since loki doesn’t copy his( kalo) special skill as if was his own. By releasing this hero they basically nerfed loki. His card should now read copies most of the hero’s special skill as it was his own. They release this ridiculously over powered hero and loki cant even copy it. WTF? Can they still maintain that balance is still a consideration when releasing new hero’s into the game? Can we now just throw out that misconception and accept they’ll continue to release a constant barrage of new stronger hero’s therefore any shiny new hero you get will be outclassed in a month or two. By the time you get that new hero maxed you might have a month or two ( max ) before they are outclassed! The dollar bill rules this game not balance.

See below for further discussion about Kalo and Lord Loki

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Quick question that may have been answered already but here it goes:

If I use Kalo during Gargoyle event with 4 dead team members, is that count as one special or 5 specials?

Thank you in advance.

@PlayForFun say “Only the other fallen Kalø’s skill is not fired.”. This mean “Fallen Lord Loki’s skill will be fired” but doesn’t mean “Lord Loki’s skill will be copied”. The fallen Lord Loki will result as “Villain Swing” which will fire 270% damage to target :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, you are right. I should have said “It would not duplicate first part of Lord Loki’s special”

Thank you for correcting


…and soooo…the Nerf countdown begins…rip Kalø

I put two links to two videos I made.
One is to laugh a little
The other to show how beast Kalo is