Kaliburn's Hall of Hero Concept

This is a list of heroes I came up with in my head to;
A: Bring new mechanics to the game, should SGG pursue it.
B: Take buffs we know and love to the next level, with a price.
C: Take a mechanic, and a utility, and combine them for a new experience.

I do not own any of the artwork, all rights belong to their creators. The artwork is only to put a visualization to the hero. Not to dictate how the hero is SUPPOSED to look. And yes, I’m sure some of your will recognize some of the artwork, but again, images were pulled from Google. I don’t know what they may be from, or who may own them.

Should SGG choose to use any of these concepts, it is their right to determine however they wish the hero to look, as well as ability and stat balancing.

Vote for your favorite, but also critique. Say what you like. What you don’t like. What you’d change, or not change.

Who you’d throw down to really try and get, who you’d ignore.

Who you’d hate fight, or how you’d fight them.

Now, that being said, let’s get to work.

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