Kalevala Emoji Extravaganza 🎉

Giving out 5 emjois for people to get the chance to have on there personal profile on the fourm …
Rules are quite simple post the emjoi you like the most and give a reason why (20 characters)
You can only post for ONE emjoi soo choose wisely. Dont reply to folk aswell that be awesome …

Discobot will find the winners too …

Example @Dudeious.Maximus i would like a :scroll: as I like to write… also keep it clean

Emjois are






There will be a bonus emjoi too for best comment on why would like said emjoi … what that is is undiced… depends on the poster I may chuck a dragon to some folk too… :green_heart:
Winners can have the chance for the bonus emjoi too :clap:

Threads you should check… the first one is important This is where you can dissucss about this topic … :wink::+1:

Thanks @PlayForFun

Good luck to yall :green_heart::+1:



I would like to have the :scroll: emoji, which was the theme for my wedding invitation many years ago.

Instead of using conventional invitation cards, I bought fancy paper printed to look like scrolls, and printed my invite on them. Rolled them up, tied them with ribbon plus a name tag, then delivered them.


I would like a :ferry: so it can sail on my :ocean:


@Dudeious.Maximus I would like the map :world_map: emoji

It seems I can’t find my way to one of this event emojis and maybe this will help me…


I’m all out of ideas for something creative, so just a minimum post this time. I will think about something for Halloween (or August if Sg keeps throwing around events with the same speed)



This is a tough choice. I’ve loved
since I was a kid. I’d sit with a map and dream about exploring all it’s different regions.

But my main focus these days, outside of work (and this game) is music. So, I think I will go with the
as my favorite. One of my choirs has it’s last performance of the term this coming weekend. We got invited to perform in a city about 3 hours away, for their Pride celebration. My partner is conducting one of the pieces for the performance, and it has become an audience favorite.


Well, well, well, what do we have here… another emoji thread ey?

Tell you what, I’d like to go for the :scroll: and I will tell you good folks why!

You see, once upon a time, in a village not so far away from here there was a remarkable :ferry: that would be constantly taking people out across treacherous waters. Looking as far and wide as the eye could see, there was nothing but sea. Matter of fact, the only reason you would think about bringing a :world_map: was purely so you could make out the glaciers, but after a while they would all blend into one.

The most popular time of year for this particular voyage, was always that of summertime and more specifically, the “Festival of the Everlasting Sun”, where you would be sailing so far north that the sun would never set. You knew it was going to be a party when the :notes: carried on far far into the early hours and still people would never sleep. In fact, sometimes the only reason you knew what time of day it was, was when the :eagle: would fly overhead crying out and trying to swoop for the leftover food.

This was the epitome of midsummer, it was a journey that led to a thousand creatives all coming together in awe of nature herself, entrancing themselves within the festivities, and great songs and poetry would be written across :scroll: and paper alike. If there was something to write with, people would find sometrhing to write on. This truly was a festival.


  • :ferry: takes people on a journey with no :world_map:. Lots of :notes: as people celebrate midsummer, listening for :eagle: and writing many :scroll:

Now, just you wait until you see my acceptance speech! :tada:


Dear dragon @Dudeious.Maximus, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that music was my first love or will be my last. But if you roam through the forum you will find my musical traces in many places. I got my holy grail for a musical contribution, the :notes: would be a much appreciated addition. Thank you.


I would like the world map, please,


Ever since I was a little kid, I knew I didn’t belong. I grew up in a conservative, communal culture where every decision, every way of acting was dictated by the adults with a “what would the neighbors think?”

“Don’t sit with your legs crossed! The neighbors will think you’re gay!”

“Don’t wear the same shirt two days in a row! The neighbors will think you’re poor!”

And news flash… I realized I was gay. to deal with it, I would think of escaping by traveling around the world.

I suffered for 25+ years while planning my escape…

… and finally I did, I live in a place I can be me, I have a wonderful soon-to-be-husband, his family has adopted me, and I can tell my friends and colleagues here the truth.

My parents back home are still deathly afraid people there will find out… but they get that people here don’t care, and they’ve accepted that I am happier here…

And now the map isn’t just a symbol of escape anymore, my man and I use it to plan all the adventures we are gonna have together, cause we have worked hard for our happiness!


I would like to get :notes: emoji :relaxed:


@Dudeious.Maximus I would like the :eagle: because I like The Eagles.


I would also want apply to go for the :eagle: emoji too.

It would perfectly fit well into my animal emoji porfolio as it is a predator too :slight_smile:


I’d love the :notes: emoji.
Why? because…

I am the music man.
I Come from down your way.
And i can play…
What can you play?

Well actually absolutely nothing… but i do have a LOT of cds.



I would like a
Only because Cruises are my favourite way to holiday.
Roll on 1st July and two weeks on the Mediterranean on the new Enchanted Princess ……
Lots of sun, sea and …… Gin (I kept it clean at least)


Woohoo, another giveaway!

This one was a bit harder to decide.

My first thought, I’d really want to have :notes: because of my love for my favourite music of all time. :slight_smile:

But on my final thought, I think I’d like the :eagle: so that my t-rex has a companion to roam around the forum, plus birds are almost as old as the dinosaurs - one of the rare few species that have lived on since those prehistoric days.



Thank you again @Dudeious.Maximus - very nice emojis on offer.

I would choose the :musical_note: - blue is my favourite colour and I love music.:crossed_fingers:


@Dudeious.Maximus l want :eagle: because my bunny is so sad being all alone. He really needs a friend so they could play together. They could be jumping around, playing hide and seek and when eagle would find him he could take him up in the sky and then he would… OMG, no, no, no, no eagle, just give me a :passenger_ship:.

Edit: nah, l still want :eagle:. My :bunny: would be the coolest guy around with a friend like him


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Such a tough call. I’ve been listening to music as far back as I can in my Dad’s volkswagon bug. He’d quiz me on songs so I’d remember the artist. So those music notes are spot on.

Then again, that cruise ship is my wife and my favorite way to travel. Had an Alaskan cruise last month which is where I got my avatar with a sled dog puppy smooching my old mug. We won’t have the kids for this Thanksgiving for the first time so we booked a cruise out of New Orleans and are have a Thanksgiving Dinner just to two of us in our favorite city.

So if you select me @Dudeious.Maximus , choose either one. God knows I can’t decide!!



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