Kailani at max level but no talent grid appears

My Kailani is fully ascended and at max level xp but her talent grid has not appeared. It still gives the option to level her up but when I do she gains nothing because she is fully maxed out. Anny suggestions on why?

It is because her special skill is yet to be maxed. But since she is maxed it will be easier to max her special. Feed her 10x yellow 1* or 5x yellow 2* together, for guaranted increase of her special. :slight_smile:

PS: Any combination of yellow 1* and 2* will also do as long as the total is 100%

1*: 10%
2*: 20%

So for example, 3x 2* and 4x 1* together will also do. :slight_smile:

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I was going to ask the same thing. If special skill is not maxed, talent grid does not appear. I had that happen with another hero. I kept feeding 20 of the same color to max with no luck. Then I saved duplicates of that hero. With 4, chance of special skill increased to 100%. Then they were maxed

10 not 20 lol!!! My bad:)

Its so much easier to max specials after maxing a hero since v18. Now if the character is maxed but the special isn’t you have 5x the chance for an increase than you normally do.

That was before the version 18 was released in Jan of this year. After that update, the chances of increasing the special after the hero is maxed becomes quintupled. So now you would just need one copy to max someone’s special or various combos of 1 and 2 star heroes which I mentioned in my earlier post. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I forgot about that! It was a long time ago that I encountered the issue. My apologies:)

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Thank you so much for your help!

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