Kaghan or Azlar

It’s hard to get mystic rings (everybody knows), so I can ascend just one of five stars hero. The choice: Kaghan or Azlar?

I would probably say neither at this point.

If I had to choose it would be Azlar but I would hold onto those rings. That is what I have decided to do with 2 Natalya at 70.

Heres hoping for Santa!

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What are your other heroes?

I’d go with Azlar. There’s no red “gotta have” heroes that we know are coming out. Azlar hits big and has a strong attack stat, so he’s useful just about anywhere. A little squishy, but is a real game-changer when he fires.


Go for Azlar!
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@King_Nothing what point are you referring to? There is no info about him or his roster. So I‘d say Azlar anytime.

Agree with @Kerridoc azlar is a game changer, khagan just isn’t very good.

I just don’t find either appealing.

Azlar is a pain but not one of those heros that will put you over the edge.

Just my opinion on saving the rings.

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Depends a lot on how often the OP gets 5* heroes. If the answer is “not often” then I’d pull the ripcord and jump. This is a game, might as well have fun with what cards you’re dealt.


I’d say Azlar - Khagan is one of the least used heroes on the top teams, Azlar is a great main tank until you get the likes of Ares and Gravemaker as alternatives.

On a side note - does anyone know if Wilbur’s special stacks with Santa’s?

I respectfully disagree. If you pair Khagan with the right team/flanks, he can be very useful and yes, even more so than Azlar.


Khagan is never gamechanging. He hits a little, he has tanky stats, his ability isn’t great though. Azlar hits hard and he’s a problem. You do not want azlar to fire khagan is whatever.


If Azlar goes off and I dont have a heal ready it‘s gg. If Khagan goes off - I don‘t even notice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@SWEG and @Maaeetz, Khagan is a utility hero that hits hard at 305% to a single target and minor damage to nearby enemies. Where Khagan excels is his +63% defense and +24% mana generation for 5 turns. Put him in between Misandra and Victor and his ability will become even more troublesome because you now have 3 enemies that are harder to kill and charge much faster. I understand Azlar burns but that has never been a problem for me, even less now that Zimkitha is there to cleanse his burn. I just feel that Khagan is often overlooked until his special goes off. After that happens, the fight gets much harder.

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The face says it all:

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The defense debuff does not stack. You get whichever was cast most recently. Santa does not overwrite the link, though.


another question - azlar, khagan, elena or zimkithia? :smiley:

Wait for Marjana if you got them from tc20…
If you cant wait… Azlar

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Khagan no
Elena no
Azlar yes for everything
Zim yes for everything as well

Depends on your current roster. I use Azlar for defense and Zim for offense. Green titans I use both.

Azlar, and don’t you ever look back. He’s by far my most satisfying heros. He burns stuff. What more could you possibly ask for? :smile:


Azlar… not sure if he can handle a 1 punch from high damage sniper, and high damage snipers are plenty.
His greatest issue is he is too squishy for a slow hero, and may die before casting.
at 3.70 I would guess he is pretty useless.

As for Kaghan, never think much of him whenever i faced him in raid.

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