Kageburato Broken on S2, 1-5

Farming backpacks on S2, 1-5. I power up Grimm, Scarlett and Kageburato. Hit Gato with Grimm special to lower shields on all 3 enemies. Hit Gato with Scarlett special to take out 2 side enemies as well. Lastly, hit Gato with a level 80 Kage with 3 emblems. Sometimes he kills him, some times not.

If I do it quick after Scarlett, he will leave Gato standing with no health. If I wait till Scarlett’s kills’ items disappear, he kills Gato more frequently.

I have pics of Gato standing with no health…

When Kageburado hits a target under 50% hp he will deal fewer damage… to be sure that Gato survived while remaining with 0 hp (standing with no health) did you tried to “inspect” him by pressing on him?


Didn’t know you could inspect him. He dies 80% of the time. A 4* with no emblems can kill him after that. I will press on him next time, but clearly you see he has 0 health.

You have to inspect him. The life bar is no guarantee, because f.e. 12 from 1600 HP left will not be visible on the bar.

Seems to be a coincidence that he sometimes is killed, and sometimes not.
Thats because also specials have a Randomization in their damage calculation.
So sometimes if scarlert has a “weak” main special and kage also, then gato stays with few HP left.

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How could there be a randomization in their specials? Hero’s have a set power, so if a special says “450% damage” then it should be 450% of what the hero’s power total is, no?

Attack power I mean.

Believe damage is randomized; here’s a rough formula from Guvnor that I believe may apply (defer to others to confirm):

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Just test it. Shoot scarlett 10 times, write down the numbers. As I remember the formula right the damage is about plus/minus 10%.

While I’d like to take credit, the OP of that thread is the real MVP & Hero.

But yes, there is a “random” element to the damage calculation, hence why the same strike against the same hero in the same situation isn’t the same.

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