Kageburado vs. Victor

With today’s release of Kageburado we have two Very Fast purple snipers.

Similar stats. Victor has lower initial hit but a serious DoT, healing steal, and team-wide shield. Kageburado has the dispel-attack pairing, but no team synergy.

Thoughts on how these two compare? What roles do,you see them in? Which gets tabards first?


after I saw the comparison, my voice was 60% victor, 40% kageburado :grin::grin:

I say Kag as he is from lotus family as some refered

This means Tabard goes to Kage from my point of view.

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kage in my mind but man. Good problem for someone to have hah :slight_smile:

Mok-arr Vic and Kage with a panther gotta be unstoppable raiding huh :stuck_out_tongue:

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But let’s look at how that Sakura/Lotus family bonus will help Kage. He’s VFast, 6.5 tiles. So the breakpoints are:

  1. 6 tiles: 6.5 / 6 = 1.0833. So 9% bonus needed, and given with L11 mana troop.
  2. 5 tiles: 6.5 / 5 = 1.30. Troops can give you 15%, and Sakura family maxes at 12%, so maxes at 27%. In short, not enough.

Bottom line: you can’t get Kageburado down to 5 tiles without using some Special Skill (like Khagan’s or Lancelot’s). Add one of those skills, you get 27% + 24% = 51% which easily gets Kage down to 5 tiles but not down to 4.


So the bonus basically is that if he is in a full sakura team (5x Sakura bonus is 12%), you can give him crit troops instead of mana troops.

But as the mana gain in defense is somwhat wonky and the break points don’t matter, he does get some boost with Inari and Mitsuko still. Just not sure how relevant that boost is (not that relevant I would say).

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Victor isnt a sniper, and the DOT isnt serious until the 2nd cast. Kage is amazeballs. Panther + Kage is goodbye to any hero. For me atleast, this isnt even close. Kage all day, every day.


Thanks, Zero. That was my intuition but I’m glad to hear it from you.


Do you know tgat Zero has never replied to any of my threads? This really makes me jelouse :roll_eyes:

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You are missing one mana boost. Inari special. +7 % mana per turn if a Fox is up. That’s 7% mana even with no tiles. That’s per fox up to 3x

Granted, I never managed more than 2, but with troop and family bonus…

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Good point, though technically that’s a different kind of boost, a straight gift of mana rather than a cumulative +mana_regen. Still, it will make Kageburado even faster.

Of course I don’t have either Mitsuko or Inari… :frowning:

Huahahaha… I had a chat with him @Xero786 on the discord and he was really friendly :blush::blush:

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Go go go for kageburado :star_struck::star_struck:

Took my whole budget, but Kageburado did drop on the third 30x.


Zero is friendly … to every one but me :sob: how ever he is my idol … the goal I wish one day to be.
(A day after 20 years)

and right my guess is that @Xero786 already has kageburado and has been maxed :joy::joy:

maybe he’s shy, try to chat with him on the discord :grin::grin::grin:

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No phone space= no chance to get a friendly Zero :wink:

Im also considering defense where there is a straight mana gain per turn.

+15% mana boost from troop
+12% mana boost from family
+7-21% possible mana gain from Inari

A Kage tank flanked by Mitsuko and Inari could make Guin a fond memory. The question is if the 4* Lotus members could survive the wings.

I think Victor’s defense buff is nice. The Mana Regen bonus is helpful to get to 6 tiles but any further increases aren’t super helpful since you will be ghosting for 6 in the end anyway.

So the question is: dot + defense vs sniping.

My impression (with no beta experience) is that kageburado is better to take down a tank in the initial stage of the raid… Victor’s dot isn’t going to kill Guinevere fast enough but front end damage would.

In the end of a close raid, I’d prefer Victor’s dot/defense vs someone like marjana since 225 is going to take a couple hits as well… And without the defense buff, kageburado had less chance of surviving a corner special (something like 450% front end damage)

Neither is bad since very fast is such a bonus, but I’m going to go with kageburado since the first stage of the raid sets the tone for the entire fight and getting the tank down quicker generally will mean a more favorable end stage