KAGEBURADO power explanation correction

this is the explanation of the hero’s power
Effect 2 Deals 225% damage to the target

Effect 3 Deals 450% damage if the target has more than 50% health remaining

what is marked as 2 different powers I understand that it is a single
that the two do not apply at the same time if not or one or the other
Since captain nemo will be available soon and according to the beta info it has a similar function, a correction in the explanation of the special power would be good

an example could be:

Effect 2 Deals 225% damage to the target if the target has more than 50% health remaining. the total damage will be 450%


Effect 2 Deals 225% damage to the target if the target has more than 50% health remaining. this damage is doubled

Effect 2 Deals 225% damage to the target if the target has more than 50% health remaining. damage increases 225% more

There are many ways to explain the power that is clearer and more real in how the hero works since lately many of the explanations of the powers do not add up or do what the card designed this due to errors or simply bad writing

I hope the opinion of everything since I consider that this would be an improvement to the quality of life of the game and everyone will benefit in the future

It isn’t only Kageburado.


I agree that they should change because the description can be confuse with Bjorn and C Dawa



Of course I used that hero for the explanation but I think it is time for a modification in the explanations of the file. Thank you for the contribution. I imagine that you are in favor of the proposal. Vote to support the request. Thank you.

I don’t get why any further explainings are necessary for Kage’s special. The description is as clear as daylight. A base 225% damage to any target, but if the target has over 50% hp left, damage is increased to 450%. What’s not crystal clear about it? Just hit targets above 50% hp and you’ll get the max out of the special. The dispelling part it’s not subject to debate, it hapens before damage is calculated. As Kage with lvl.11 mana troops charges is 6 tiles, most times, his first strike will be against targets with over 50% hp.


the designed token deals x amount of damage.
apart if the player has more than … does another damage

that means and as it is expressed that they are two different damages not one since it is shown as two different powers

I kind of get his logic behind this. Because they sound like 3 separate skills, kage technically should be dealing 225% and an additional 450% damage to the target with more than 50% hp. But obviously this is not true, so it’s misleading in a sense. But maybe SG doesn’t want to overword a statement.
C dawa and Bjorn are wrong examples though. They deal damage to random enemies, that’s why it needs to be in a separate statement


I also think it is a bit misleading with Kage etc.

And Bjorn and C.Dawa descriptions should also be updated. According to those if target is last hero in field, they should only do first damage. And that is not the case, they also deal the second damage part to same target if it is last hero.

Other than him and ametrine, I don’t think any other hero in game have such conditional statements in their programming. But I don’t think it really matters in the long run. Kage has been here since S2 and no one has pointed this out until now. So I guess people generally just assumed he dealt 450% damage. I think unless there’s newer or updated versions of kage, his statements doesn’t need to be corrected

This gets my vote. Nothing in the card text is ambiguous. I, too, am not a native English speaker as it is my 4th tongue. Yet I understand the card perfectly well.


No matter how long the hero is, many do not know him because they have not faced him, I can tell you that levels from 50 and below do not know what his power is and are not familiar with him.