Kageburado - potentially charged up with 1 tile?

I noticed that Kageburado is Sakura family. So is Danzaburo.
Kage has base very fast mana. If potentially he is in team of 5 from Sakura family (mana bonus) and Danzaburo triggers his +mana special… Add mana troops to the mix. Could this mean 1 title = full charge?

This could be potentially one of the deadliest combos in the game.

I can’t make the calculation but if not 1, surely 3 tiles?

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Troop max bonus = 15%
Danzaburo max bonus = 24%
Family max bonus = 12%

Total bonus = +51%

Very fast mana need 6.5 tiles to charge, with 51% bonus results:

4.30 tiles ===> actually 5
2.15 ghost tiles ==> actually 3


You could also stack three of Inari’s foxes and Alberich’s mana bump,there, but that’s not quite the same hint.

Your math seems a bit off but doesnt change the fact that 1 tile charge is impossible.

I am still working to see it for myself. In pratice, if one will do it, it will be very hard to pull off.

Below is the best I can pull off. The mana bar is the result of 3 tile hits…not ghosted

This is with level 13 mana troop, Danzo Buff, 1 Inari minion and 12% family bonus.


My question is what lvl troops needed to drop kage to 6 tiles if you just use 4% Sakura bonus (Inari mitsuko kageburado)?

Just a level 1 mana troop with 4% from family

Fully charged after every normal 3 tile match - congrats :sunglasses:

The lowest you could get him would be 5 normal tile hits or 3 ghost tiles. Even with max mana troops, full family bonus, and Danzaburo special.

1 tile charge would need a 650% mana bonus, or half that for 1 tile ghost.

You need lvl11 mana troops to drop very fast mana from 6.5 tiles to 6. That’s what the smart ppl told me.

But if you included 4% Sakura family mana recovery, is the 4% enough to get your very fast hero to fire skill with mana troops at lvl10 instead of lvl11?

I’m trying to decide if the 4% mana recovery is worth it to form my defense lineup.

Level 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 mana troops are the same for mana generation.

With a 4% family bonus you only need level 1 mana troops to get from 6.5 to 6.

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@LucasDaoc let’s say you only have Kage and Inari for 2% mana boost.

Same question, what lvl mana troops needed to drop Kage down to 6 tiles? Sorry, math is not easy for me.

Level 5 plus 2% family will bring very fast to 6 tiles.

Thanks, checked!

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