Kageburado possible bug

I noticed recently that when an enemy is close to 50% of his help, 50.001 and above, Kage’s attack deals less damage then it supposed to. Could you please check it? Screenshot are attached.

Before Kage’s attack

Kage’s Stats.

Enemy is still alive.

Interesting, while BT is just barely above half hp, the game often truncates numbers.

554/1107 = 0.5004

The game probably sees that as 50% or 50.0%, and therefore does not count it as strictly above 50% as described on Kageburado’s card.


@Rook, @Coppersky, @Kerridoc, @JonahTheBard can someone please answer this question?

Thank’s in advance

They’re just players like us. They’re not going to have any special insight. If you’d like an official answer, you can try tagging Petri or Sara. But Wharflord’s guess looks pretty good to me.

Also, sadly, JonahTheBard quit the game and the forum to focus on real life.


Decimal value is probably dropped after 2 digits. Therefore it’s not more than 50% and only does 225% damage.

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Ok guys thanks for your answers i understand the issue as well. So maybe Kage’s card should be corrected to 51% or set the barrier 49,99.

Maybe @Petri or @Sara can give as an answer

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I don’t think it needs correcting. “More than 50% health” is well defined IMO.

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50.000000001 still counts as “more than 50%” but it is not what happens in this situation…

That’s your opinion of course and not SGGs. :slight_smile:

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I think math is a universal language and not just my opinion.

I think both perspectives are well-explained and supported at this point. Unless someone has a different idea on what’s happening, let’s see what the devs have to say now.


But that wouldn’t be correct either, as the logic is >, not >=.

Still, the rounding is interesting (if that’s what is happening), as most math libraries/basic math functions wouldn’t bother to round to 2 digits unless explicitely told to do so for memory considerations. Doesn’t seem likely for an temporary in-mem variable to be cast or truncated during this operation.


Another case could be:
1107 / 2 = 553,5 rounded to 554.
So 554 > rounded (553,5) gives as FALSE.

We may have insight as players, but not Sekrit stuff as staff, correct.

As you were. :wink:

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Fixed (eventually)


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