Kageburado or Clarissa?

I got lucky and pulled Clarissa from Atlantis summon. The problem is I can’t choose between her and Kageburado as the next purple 5*.

I am not exactly high on Tabards right now (only 4), not to mention that while I have 11 spare Damascus Blades I am short on Tomes.

My current purple 5* roster is - Obakan (11/20), Sartana and Domitia
Obakan is the only maxed out 5* Barbarian I have, but I also have 20/20 Gormek.
My 5* Paladins are Ares (17/20) and Aegir. All the emblems went to Ares.

Only notable 4* purple that should influence the topic is Tiburtus with costume and 20/20.

TL;DR: Clarisssa.

Kage is… good. V fast, dispels before hitting. But he’s just not big enough of a hitter, especially after everyone’s down past 50%. There are tone of other snipers that are better at that role.

Clarissa is just like GM. Somewhat less damage, sure, but those of us that have GM know that he’s pretty devastating, and she’s going to be as well.

So Clarissa cause she is more well-rounded am I right?

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