Kageburado - no counterattack damage

In a battle just taken, Kageburado twice attacked someone with his special skill who had counterattack set (from Elena). Both times he took no damage.

yes, cause Kage dispells bonus (in this case, counterattack) BEFORE he hits.

So he just avoids the counterattack. None defensive bonus works on Kage. He dispells it all before he hits.

Not a bug, it’s perfectly normal. :slight_smile:


You’re right and this “bug” was already reported a couple of times before.
@MunificentlyDraconic I encourage you to search for similar threads before reporting an issue.

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It is not a bug. Kageburado’s special works that way.

If you read Kageburado’s special carefully.
The order is ;
1- Dispels buffs from the target ( in this case the counter attack of target)
2- Then hit the target %225 or %450 ( depends of target’s health %)


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