Kageburado maybe bugged?

I paired Kage with Wilbur and Aegir. So when i trigger Aegirs or Wilburs special ability, Kage´s special abitlity doesnt work with them. I would expect that Kage heals himself for Aegir and does Damage to every hero fo Wilburs special but nothing happens. Is this normal or is this a bug?

Edit: i just saw that Aegir is only for normal damage but Wilbur should still work right?

Because Kageburado dispels before dealing damage, his special will dispel the target’s Spirit Link first. This means he will only be able to hit a single target.


Oh dam that eplains alot. i was always confused why spirit link is suddenly gone.

:rofl: haha thank you

So Wilbur is not a good match with Kage right?

Kage works good with Wilbur but only to take out a single target :slight_smile:

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If you dont mind the shared damage being gone its a fine match, the defense debuff wilbur causes will still remain.

In some raids where you really want to spike dead a pesky hero first this is actually better. In titan hits its a neutral effect


Wilbur’s special makes a lot of other hero’s special non-effective. Wilbur nullifies Mitsuko Ice reflect on specials and it shouldn’t. I sent support a ticket and a video. You should do the same, Wilbur is a great hero but is a little broken.

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