Kageburado damage not correct

Per the card, damage is 450% and 225% depending on opponent health, or half the damage at 50% or less health.

Screenshots are same opponent same raid, no attack debuff on Kage or anything like that.

Hit 1: 746 damage
Hit 2: 312 damage

That’s a 16.5% extra reduction. Why?

[removed because @ThePirateKing more eloquently expressed the answer with data & formulas]

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Let’s assume that Kage attack stat is A and opponent defense stat is D. Now let us assume that he does X damage at 450%, and Y damage at 225%.

Therefore, according to damage formula known to us,

X = 100 x (4.5 A / D) ^1.35
Y = 100 x (2.25 A / D) ^1.35

Hence, X/Y = (4.5/2.25)^1.35 = 2.55 (approx)

In your case X/Y = 746/312 = 2.4

The difference comes from the RNG parameter in the damage formula. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

For more details on this formula check this amazing post.


So what you’re saying is the card is at best misleading, by applying an unknown power factor.

Sounds like more games being played.

I hit about 700 damage with Lianna on her own. Using Evelyn (-54% def), it’s about 1050 on the same character, +/- on both. Exact numbers aren’t really relevant for this discussion although I just collected data for this theory. Based on your formula, if the damage is 739, the a/d ratio is about .859. So using her attack of 863 (per the raid screen in my test), the D is about 1004. -54% makes that 462, making the damage about 2108. Actual damage was 1121.

The formula is clearly wrong, and doesn’t explain the disparity.

Anyone with some valid info have a better response? Or are we just going to memory hole this?

Here’s some valid info for you. Maybe instead of disregarding the intelligent response of a longtime and valued member of the community who clearly enjoys the game enough to have paid attention to how it works, and enjoys the community enough to have taken the time to try to explain it to you… maybe you could realize that the math isn’t as direct and straightforward as you seem to think it is…?

As @ThePirateKing noted, there is also a random element injected into the formula, meaning you can’t just take the formula and calculate it backwards and arrive at an exact result. To see any kind of consistent result, you’d need to do that test with Lianna and Evelyn at least 100 times to see how the averages work out.

Maybe I’m just crabby today, but I’m about to look up my Google Doc instructions on how to add someone to block list. :wink:

Good gaming!


Yes, your confusion in this regard is quite valid. For a long time players have speculated that there is a theoretical cap built-in into the game code. It means that when the A/D ratio becomes too small, or in other words if the damage becomes too high, the game forcefully reduces it significantly. That’s why hero specials involving elemental defense downs do approximately half the amount of damage than that predicted by the formula. We are aware that the formula isn’t exact, but for most practical scenarious the predictions from the formula are within reasonable limit. Of course, only the game developers know the actual formula that has been coded, so unless they come out of hiding there’s no way for us to know what exactly are the algorithms. :slight_smile:

This damage cap is very apparent if you hit smaller titans (1*-4*) with maxed and emblemed 5 stars. You would expect them to do huge amounts of damage to the titan, potentially even one-shotting them in 1 flag, but that never happens. Because the defense of the smaller titans is so small, that the damage cap kicks in and prevents ridiculous numbers. It’s much more easier to get a 100k+ hit on a high level titan than on a small one. :slight_smile:

@Gryphonknight Are you aware of any posts regarding this damage cap, kind sir? :slight_smile:


I believe there is no damage cap, it’s just the currently presented damage formula on this forum not being correct. It works for lower A/D ratio (up to ±4) but it doesn’t work for higher A/D.

If described in words: lower increase of attack / decrease of enemy defense increases damage significantly, but after some degree every other attack buff / defense debuff increases the damage slower and slower. Nobody was able to interpreted this as a new damage formula.

That’s why single target hitters benefit from +attack / -defense so little. On other hand, it helps tremendously AoE hitters who have lower % damage of their specials.

The 312 damage presented in the second capture is what remains of the opposing hero’s life and not the actual damage done.

Speaking of random element, @Rockhound89 , your damage (312) is actually higher than 745/2.55 = 293

So consider yourself a bit lucky with that damage.

Or do you prefer they delete the ^1.35 part?

Let me tell you, if they delete it, your damage will be:
443 and 232 respectively.

If you chose that is up to you, but I will not.

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Soft cap ( see notes ). Standard for MMO.


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