Kage versus Titan

Hello everyone,

Kage does only 225% damage when the enemy’s HP is less than 50%. Does it mean as soon as the titan’s HP has been below 50%, he does 225% as well? Or only the HP amount in one fight is count and thus he always does 450%?

Thanks a bunch

My understanding is that once the titan drops below 50% of total HP, Kage reverts to 225 % for his special.

However, since most Titan damage comes from tiles (rather than specials), I wouldn’t worry about it.


He will do 450% until the target has less than 50% hp, after that he will do 225%

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You should use him regardless for the time damage

The special doesn’t really matter

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Yes… Kage Special when titan life is less then 50% does only 225%

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