Kage the Game Changer

E&P Users,

Those who have seen him in action Kage is another game changing hero. His Dispell before hitting is amazing, the buff is removed before he attacks.

For hero’s like Elena, Boril, Obakan, Cyprian, Mangi, Vivica, Aegir to name a few. When Kage hits he will not harm himself unlike the other dispelling attacking hero’s. Sonya, Caedmon for example.

I feel that the board could be levelled by The developers and amend all attacking specials to be similar to Kate’s and Dispell buffs 1st.

This would mean Sonya and Caedmon will not necessarily commit suicide to remove the buffs.

Regards Wu.

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And what purpose would ripost heros have?

Difference between kage & others is that he dispels one hero and not all

So his special has a different use than the others

Others are geared towards a utility that combats all heros on opposing teams

Kage is made to combat a single target(mainly guin)

The others dispelling all and dispelling before striking would be over the top in my opinion