Kage - Please help me complete my defense

I pulled Kage. Please help me complete my defense team on how to fill up the wings.


You may assume that I have all sort of heroes but except for Guin.

So please advice on who to add to the 2 wings.

Why mark out the levels? You’re not really hiding anything.

Also, can’t help if you don’t post your entire roster.

I have all the key heroes except for Guin. And I would like to use GM as the tank flanked by Kage and Lianna. However I don’t know who to be added to the 2 wings.

Alasie and drake Fong on the wings

That’s what I am thinking. A fast sniper and a fast splash hitter. Thanks.

Any supporting heroes which may help when winged?

If You have Delilah and want to run one healer switch her with Drake.

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While I usually put a healer in defense, with that set of vfast/Fast heroes, you could just go all Fast strikers. Alasie/Drake would be good.

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If you don’t care about Rainbow defense try a Panther and Evelyn set for the elemental def downs that support your snipers. They debuff which is key to keeping opponents soft. The icing on top is Eve’s passive health bump for her and Lianna

Thanks guys for your advice.

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