Kage or Jabber? Ares, Mitsuko, Red Hood, Santa or Queen?

So, I’ve got a couple of “terrible” dilemma.

Here is my main team.

I’ve got Jabber and Kage, but the ascending materials for one of them. None is suppose to make to my main team any time soon, as I am pretty happy with Ursena right now.

On the other hand, I am working on Ariel, so Grazul might step down for a red one.

Should I work on any of them? Wich one? Or should I wait for any other, as I already have a nice main team?

Unless you’re overflowing with war depth, you should always be working on at least one project.

I think you will realize you have a fighter emblem dilemma as 3 of your 5 heroes are fighter class. From a class perspective both Kage & Jabberwock vary (Barbarian & Monk) from what you have so far. I don’t think you could go wrong with either but I would lean towards Kage as his dispel and natural counter to Guin can be useful.

Kage and Jean-Francois in February :slight_smile:

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Are you referring to Jabber, the 4* sand hero or Jabberwocky? Im asking because Kage is a 5-star. Do you have mats to take a purple 5 to 80?

If its the 4* Jabber, I would just wait. He is very underwhelming.

If its Jabberwocky -vs- Kage, it depends on how you play. However, I think I would go with Jabberwocky.

I usually work on one hero of each color at the same time to get those 20% extra XP and save food (always a problem to me), as I lack war depth, I get 5 heroes on the same time I would get 4 if working one at a time.

Yeap, I am fully aware of the fighter emblem problem. I´ve opted for Poseidon, as he will likely be Ursena´s flank for quite a while.


I usually focus on titans and war. Raids for me are just to fill chests.

JF is quite tempting :stuck_out_tongue:

(But I still should get some more reds to 3/70 for war)

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Not seeing your full roster It’s hard to make a full recommendation…

Based PURELY on merits of the heroes & not considering SYNERGY with your existing heroes etc…

  • Kageburado over Jabberwock
  • Queen of Hearts over the rest. May be worth waiting till you’ve done all your February Pulls tho to see if you get JF (as others have suggested)

My main advice tho is to take your options to 3-70 and play around with them in raids, wars etc… Figure out from there which ones are the best for your play style & which ones will help/ benefit you the most. Nobody plays the same way and as such there is no “right” answer.

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That’s a lie…I play the same as everyone…and my choices are always wrong.

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Yeap. I am fully aware of that. It is always good to see different points of view and learn, though


I’d put ares and mits above the other three. But that’s based on titans (ares) and usability in wars (mits).


Kage and Mitsuko are what I would go with myself if what you’re looking for is war depth.

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Jabberwock! It’s Jabberwock! Jabberwocky is the title of the poem about the Jabberwock. Just read, it’s on the card for goodness’ sake! Bah :rage:

And breathe…