Kage/JF on wing or flank?

My current defense is Viv-JF-Telluria-Vela-Kage but I’ve recently been thinking of swapping JF and Kage so that Kage would fire sooner while the enemy still has >50% health. How much would this hurt JF’s effectiveness being on the wing? I also just pulled GM, so when he gets swapped in for JF does that change anything?

I would first replace Vivica with a fast damaging holy hero if possible, then to replace Kageburado with another fast damaging dark hero to give possible emblems to Gravemaker.

The most common dark and holy wings at the moment are monks as
Drake Fong

and rangers as

I hope this information could help your choice :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, I must play the hand I’ve been dealt. Joon, thus far, as eluded me. I’ve made 2 big pushes for Jabber and Finley each and came up short both times. Panther is the only other truly viable hero I could sub in. I hold 2500-2600 cups easily now, so I don’t know that I necessarily need to make a change, just looking for advice on how to best optimize what I’ve got.

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