Kage full vs half damage revisited

I had made this post in the summer in regards to the differences in the kage specials from full to the half damage, and had accepted the fact that the math formula presented was sufficient.

However, since then, I’ve come to the crippling realization that maybe it wasn’t. I have since stripped the emblems off my twin kages and instead focused them on GM. Kage is great enough without em.

While doing my patented double barrel Kage machine gun finishing move (patent pending), I made notice that even though they are EXACTLY the same, and both with level 11 mana troops, they both do VERY different damage when attacking the same hero.

One had attacked for 402, the other, 361. that is a 10% difference. No buffs on the kages, no buffs on other heroes cuz, u know, dispell. Could someone explain that??

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That is because of the random parameter in the damage calculation formula which varies between 0.606 to 1.649, and hence even though if everything else remains same the damage will be vastly different, even more than 10% in certain cases. :slight_smile:

I recently explained this phenomenon in another thread if you are interested in the details. :slight_smile:


I’d buy that if it wasn’t ALWAYS 10%~

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Just tried again on a grégorien. 274 + 247

Well, 10% is a very low tolerance. Since the median of the random parameter is 1, even if you vary it between 0.96-1.04, the output mutliplier would vary between (0. 96)^1.35 to (1.04)^1.35, which is 0.95 - 1.05, that is 10% difference. So this not a huge deviation. I would be more concerned if the difference is more than 30%, that would be much more rarer.


Lol I’m glad that there are bigger nerds than me :joy: thank you


Lol… Always a pleasure :rofl:

Too much math. I will go dizzy. :rofl:

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