Kage full and half damage

I noticed yesterday when doing a raid that the pair of kageburados don’t quite do half damage when hitting the same target. In this case, it’s almost 50 HP difference.

Both Kage are 4/80 +3 with the same node paths, both with level 11 mana troops. Anyone else notice this?

That is because of the nature of the damage mechanics calculated by the game.

For our argument let us take a hypothetical Kage with attack stat 750, and a hypothetical Rana with defense stat 700.

For >50% Health, Kage Attack Stat = 750x4.5 = 3375, Damage = 100x(3375/700)^1.35 = 836
For <50% Health, Kage Attack Stat = 750x2.25 = 1687.5, Damage = 100x(1687.5/700)^1.35 = 328

We can observe that 328/836 ~ 39%, which similar to what we see in your screenshots: (321/731) ~ 44%, and not 50% that generally think going by just reading the numbers in the specials description.

The difference comes because there is random parameter inside the damage formula which changes every time damage is calculated. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Math hurts my noodle :roll_eyes:

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I’ve never noticed that, mainly because I don’t have 2 maxed emblemed Kage burritos :sob:


Could do with 1 if u mana pot it

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Troops maybe differ?

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same Level 11 Mana Troops

Maybe its due to percentage rounding but lv11 mana troops on 3 tile ghosting does not always fill up Kage’s mana.

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