Kadilen's special

I have noticed along with a few others from my alliance that when using kadilen’s special along with other hero’s special at the same time does no damage…its suppose to do 180% but does no damage at all.

Couple things:

  1. who are the other heroes?
  2. What are the enemy team?
  3. Are there any status affects applied to your team?
  4. Are there any status buffs applied to the enemy team?
  5. what level is your Kadilen compared to the enemy?
  6. Are there minons?

You haven’t really given any details to substantiate your claim.

Finally, can you get a screenshot or better a video (upload to video sharing platform like YouTube).


In raids or in battling monsters it happens I’ve thought about everything you just named buffs and everything they have nothing to do with it …my kadilen is all the way to the talent grid level 3… what I’m saying is when i use her special alone on oppnents it does the correct damage but when I use it simultaneously with my other hero’s special it gets I guess you can cancelled out… I wasnt just posting this to complain I was trying to see if others have had the same problem or heard of the same problem to get more info… Also I will take a video as soon as possible to show more in detail what I’m talking about.

Hey mate. I tried to reproduce your „bug“.

You can see that Kadilens special goes off but no damage is displayed. She hits the minion which is killed by the sniper. I think because the sniper „visualy“ kills the minion before Kadilen hits, although I started Kadilen earlier the damage is not shown…

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