Kadilen's special attack


So, kadilen’s special attack reduces the damage taken from enemy SPECIAL attacks. Is this any different than say magni who gives nearby allies a general defense buff?


@Petri would you be able to clarify this question? I can’t think of how it would be any different than a general defense buff, which would actually be better bc it would cover all damage then instead of just from special skills.


I don’t understand what your question is, because it sounds like you just answered the question…

Kadilen’s skill only increases your defense against special abilities, whereas a general defense buff (like Magni or a turtle banner) will increase your defense against both regular attacks and special abilities.


If your question is why you would want a buff that only buffs against special abilities instead of a general defense buff, compare Kadilen to Magni. Kadilen is 4*, Magni is 5*, but Kadilen’s buff affects the whole team and gives 74% increase, Magni affects 2-3 characters and gives 63% increase. So Kadilen’s buff reduces fewer attacks but reduces them more than Magni and affects more heroes.

Additionally, I haven’t tested this in any way, but the two types of buff should stack. You could have both Magni and Kadilen’s buffs up at once, whereas you can’t have Magni and a turtle banner, since they’re both affecting the same stat


Good point about the stacking buffs. Just to clarify kadilen is 5*. Idk I guess it just seemed like having a general defense buff would be more beneficial overall. But I suppose kadilen could have his uses. Her skill just seems a tad underwhelming.