Kadilen's Special Animation?

With other heroes to work on, I’ve finally gotten to using and trying out Kadilen (after 2 years of playing, imagine that). Most other 4* and 5* heroes, on their specials animations, especially those with summoning symbols have theirs show up at the center of the screen.

I’ve noticed that with Kadilen, her animation seem to be a smaller circle originate from her portrait on the bottom of the screen and spreading upwards/outwards, so I am not seeing the entire summoning symbol/circle in the middle of the screen when using her. When facing against her, I “think” the entire summoning symbol is shown (I don’t raid often).

So is her special animation is working as intended? (e.g. may or may not be a bug).

I would like your problems! :wink:

Ha, if you only knew for me it was not because of too many other heroes (green heroes for that matter) to work on, it is because of my playing the game for free, and I rely heavily on TC20 for my hero acquisition. I also finish my 3* and 4* heroes first, Kadilen is actually the second 5* Green I get to work on after Lianna. The only other 5* I have are Elkannen and Horghall, not exactly top tier Green heroes that people buzz about. :wink:

It is working as intended I believe :grin: Different heroes, different spheres of animation.

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Yup. The Almighty Obakan has a small circle animation too. This guy (sort of) has nothing for him. Not even a costume. They looked at him and said ´yup, Obakan is perfect. Magni would need some help tho. And Lianna too… but Obakan is puuuuurfect.´

That Obakan animation was like a small purple bubble, rather than a full symbol… I am sure eventually all S1 heroes are going to get their costumes. There are 20 released so far, I suppose another 21 in the next batch to be released (because that’s what’s currently beta), I am guessing they could be done with batch number 3, but not more than 4?

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