Kadilen vs Wu-Kong

Last war, I fought an opponent with Kadilen. When my Wu’s special fired, the tiles were doing no additional damage. Her special was active, Wu’s special was active, yet every tile that hit was only doing damage in the teens or twenties (I have 4* troops roughly level 15).

Question: does Kadilen (and Arthur’s) special negate or reduce Wu’s special? Or was it just a bug in that war?

Edit: I confirmed with other Wu owners in my alliance that their Wu was working properly. If Kadilen can block Wu, that would be quite a boost to her value. Can anyone verify?

I can’t answer your question, but you’ve got me really wondering about it too now.

One way to look at it that I could see, is that the damage bonus that tiles do because of Wu, could be considered part of his special, and so that bonus damage would be reduced by 74% (assuming Kadilen’s at max). By the same token then the chance to miss because of Wu’s special should also be reduced by 74%, basically acting like his whole special is 74% less. This would apply to everyone on Kadilen’s side presumably, since she gives that protection against specials to all allies.

Could that potentially be what’s going on? In my mind, I would not class tile damage as “special” even when affected by Wu’s ability, but I can see the case for it.

I’m looking forward to someone smarter than me give the actual answer!

I don’t know the answer, but maybe this will help. :slight_smile:

If I’m reading the Specials correctly, it would be only a partial negation. Anyone mathy enough to calculate it out? :wink:

@dwb Do you remember your lineup? Your opponent’s lineup? Could there have been a third element in play here?

This is a very interesting interaction if so.
I hope someone can test this, I will be on the lookout for a Kadelin team as well.

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No, I don’t remember the specific lineup. It was rainbow vs rainbow, but I depended on Wu to win the match, and I failed miserably. Now looking for anyone with Kadilen in raids to test it…

I’d love to see the results. Please post when you have them! :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty sure it doesn’t affect tile damage otherwise it would also negate buffs from BT, Kiril,…

Since I happen to have both Wu Kong and a huge glut of ham, I hit reroll until I found a team with Kadilen. Here’s a recording of the resulting battle:

I didn’t check hero stats during battle, but here’s their defense team:

And my offense team:

Judging from a cursory glance of the footage, it doesn’t appear that Kadilen’s special is decreasing the effects of GS, but I could be wrong.


I didn’t do any math either, but from what I see I would agree. Thanks for posting this recording.

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