Kadilen vs Gregorion.....who to level max?

Just got Kadilen but I already have Gregorion. The problem is Kadilen is a fast 5* while Gregorion is an average 5*. My defense team is all 5*s with the exception of Greg…so…

Do I max Greg who is currently 3/50…or should I start on Kad?

I mean I like Greg’s 455% damage with +30% crit for all allies…but…Kad’s 170% damage to all enemies with +74% shield for all allies against special attacks is quite interesting to me…and could be rather promising if used correctly at the right time.

I think Greg is much stronger. Yes, he’s slower, but he’s got decent stats all around.

Kadilen could be great, but that shield only protects against the primary damage from a special. So many heroes, like Gravemaker, to,their serious harm though status ailments, and her shield does nothing in that department.


Actually I’ve tested her shield and it’s quite the opposite. Her shield does nothing for regular attacks and blocks 74% or special skill attacks. It even states it in her description.

Gregorion hands down

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Kadilen is a bluff. Greg is a best.

Kadilen’s shield stops the direct damage from special skills only. Against Natalya, say, it does nothing. Nor does it reduce the burn from Gravemaker. I have edited my previous post to make this clearer.