Kadilen useful?

Hey all, I’m trying to sort out the relative value of my different heroes. I’ve been messing around with Kadilen. Level 1, as I don’t know if she’s worth leveling. Her animation is beyond impressive (fun, but not relevant to gameplay)

Anyone else assessing her worth? I’d love your thoughts.


Start here:

I like the fact that she’s fast on the mana-draw, and her special doesn’t just do dmg, but defends against other specials (for a measly two whole turns, but still!)

The card above shows her stats / abilities if you fully lvl her and her special. Good luck!

I was curious about this myself, I struggled with whether to max her or lianna. The only person I know of with a maxed kaliden is vivenna, and she’s currently(at the time of typing this) in the top 10. Certainly can’t be that bad, but only she would know for sure.

I can tell you from the attacking side that it’s kind of a problem for me if I don’t get off hel’s special relatively quickly to shut that aoe down. It’s purely spam ninja-destruction.

Side note: I do think they should make the defense boost last 3 turns rather than 2. Two is a very short span, especially for a character seemingly designed to be a tank.


@Vivenna any comment on Kadilen from your experinces?

My experiences with her:

She has really high defense and seems to be pretty difficult too kill. Her damage is super low and the buff though excellent wears off very fast but it can reduce hits from say Lianna at 3/70 all the way down to like 150.

In my experience she seems to be glitched and has misfired (skill didn’t go off) three times one day.

Overall at max I have her in the center and I do seem to do fairly well on defense. She replaced Caed and I miss him at times on raids when I need that debuff.

She isn’t my favorite but could be worse :slight_smile: I didn’t want to keep using gems trying to draw a different one.


I don’t have her, but she’s clearly useful for raids and special lvls where all enemies have special skills (the ones with wings).

I fought her once in raid, she plus healers made the whole battle a complete chaos for me. I had to chance my team, get Meledore (or something like that) do dispel the crap out of her and Hel to silence her so I could finish her and healers off.

Add that Hp and defense, she’s the perfect tank. Unless you dispel her buff, she won’t go down. But other than that, she’s not ideal in Titans fight since Titans special don’t usually do that much damage, rather apply some poison, debuff or dispel things.

Oh yeah for Titans she certainly isn’t your girl :slight_smile:

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And btw, 2 turns seems little time, but in raids having to wait 2 turns to use your skills (if you can’t dispel) is very dangerous. And in middle she just fill like crazy. Seriously, it was a tricky fight, shes the type you need to go in with a strategy or she’s gonna **** you up.

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My impression not having her is she’d also be good for raid attacking as Viv alluded to… HAHA AZLAR I SEE YOU!

And similar.

TBH I wish I’d pulled her instead of Elkanen, maybe he’ll do well on raid defenses when I get out of my please hit me configuration, but on attack, well, maybe he’ll get better as I continue to level him but I’m having a difficult time justifying further investment in him.

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I strongly recommend Lianna over Kadilen. She looks neat, but her special doesn’t last long enough to be that useful on defense. It’s an opportunistic thing for an attacking team, and not useful for titans at all. I would highly recommend going for Lianna.

What’s your player name and alliance in game, Penari? Hoping to run across you there :slight_smile:

It was Penari, now it’s Perenir, and I’m in the German Alliance Drachenbund. But my German is pretty rusty. I’d rather beat the crap out of 4 and 5 star titans and have fun than feel the pressure of the 9* ones that would kick my butt.


She’s pretty darn awesome in all, but titan battles. Her downside is that her animation is so slow tjat it prevents additional attacks. If titans didn’t have timers then she’d be perfect there too. As stated above 3 turns would be more useful for her buff, especially since it only applies to Specials.

You can attack as soon as the animation begins in most cases (Joon, Elkanen, etc); does that not work here similarly?

For some reason with her everything is frozen until her special is completed

Thanks for all your thoughts and experience. What a great community!

I’ve ended up levelling Caedmon for the time being. I haven’t ever fought a titan, as I am pretty new and not in an alliance. Once I get decent Shadow and Fire characters, I’ll be good to go.


With very few exceptions (Li, Boldtusk, e.g.) levelling a 5* is better than levelling any lower ranked hero.

Below is viv-enn’s team, who I have fought maybe half a dozen times now and I win on attack in almost every match-up because Kadilen’s special buffs for the turn it’s cast and then the next one. Essentially I only have to wait one turn to trigger my own specials which is not long enough for viv-enn’s team to counter anything that may be coming.

So, as it stands for your green slot, Caedmon is a better choice for levelling, if you have him. Otherwise level Kadilen and hope SG buffs her special to 3 turns or more which I think would make her as effective as she should be. Kadilen should be one of the most powerful 5*, instead she is one of the weakest because her special is broken imo. Her special could probably be buffed to 4 turns without overpowering her, definitely to 3. Devs please note.


Thanks for your insights. I’ve levelled Cad 3 ascensions and was lucky to have maxxed out his special. I just picked up Ares on a Dark pull (oh, you wily minx, Sartana. I’ll find you. you can’t hide forever…). I’ll look around for a review of him.


I cannot believe that Viv wasted ascension mats on her.

It looks a good central if you have a team full of rapid mana hitters that can use that 2 turns delay to kill as many as you can.
Otherwise the opponent can just… wait?

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