Kadilen skill bug (too much special damage)

I was just in a war, going against a team using Kaliden. Her special fired and wiped my whole team. I had only been hit with a couple normal attacks, no way possible for her to do that kind of damage. I’m taking fully leveled 4* and 5* hero’s. No way this isn’t a bug.

Did you record it? Please say yes.

Also, was this a long running raid?

I noticed yesterday I had a long running raid, and then sartana hit one my heroes for 1348 just before I killed her.

I think it was the tiebreaker attack buff, but it didn’t show on the screen.

I’ve noticed that occasionally a hero on defense will hit for a ridiculous amount of damage for no reason. I’ve had a maxed Lianna hit my maxed Grave for 1500 points of damage a couple times

Kadilen with the recent buff hit much more then Zeline, and in defence is another 20% more.

If you happen to had a defence debuff on you, she is brutal now.


It was only about the 3rd or 4th turn in the war. No other specials had gone off except for I think maybe Rigard had healed once. Their team had a dead Azlar tank, Kash and Rigard flanking with Drake and Kadilen on the wings. They hadn’t fired a damaging special until Kadilen went off, then BAM, WTF just happened, I’m dead lol.

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