Kadilen skill broken?

I am not sure if it’s a bug but Kadilen skill didn’t stop Li Xiu from taking mana from my heroes. If Kadilen skill protects from enemy skills, shouldn’t she stop Li Xiu?

She doesn’t protect against the mana decrease(or any other debuff, burning, etc), she protects against the damage dealt.

+74% defense against the damage @ max special level.

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Ok, thanks, description is not 100% clear I think ,thought it protects from debuffs etc.

Ok, I’ve just tried Kadilen skill again. Full HP Kiril got hit by Sartana skill:

Dmg looks like normal damage not like 74% reduced.

you should open a support ticket with SG

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Is there support panel for this? I’ve tried to search for it but only found info to contact through ingame link, which redirected me here, to this part of forum.

Basically all Kadilens special buff does is reduce the amount of direct damage received from a special skill. It doesn’t protect from status effects. They can still be debuffed or receive a damage over effect such as sartana’s

This might help answer your question:

That is definitely not normal damage.
Kiril doesn’t have his defence buff active, a level 80 Sartana on a defending team can one shot him, or close to it. He’s definitely got the +74% protection there.

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