Kadilen or wait?

Thanks @Gryphonknight and @afrazier for the response.
I will start soon to level my 5* as i am currently doing my third 4* 4/70 teams.
Don’t have a huge 5* roster, just Alice, Thoth, Kadilen, Atomos, Elena and Anzogh.
Rigard +9 - Kadilen - Anzogh - Thoth/Alice - Alice/Thoth
Does that defense make sense once/if i max them all? I do have a Grimm +12 that could be put on flank to maximize Kadilen and Thoth damage. Guess i will have some experiences to do.
I am pleased to see that Kadilen has some love.

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Thanks everyone for your input, it is appreciated.
After completing Frostmarch today, I have enough scopes to ascend Magni (which I assume is a slam dunk decision-wise) so Kaliden will have to wait. Guess I’ll reevaluate after maxing Magni.


Who is Wait?
Never pulled him.
He has to be good, since every 2nd player seems to be undecided between any and this Wait.



He is a minor diety of the RNG pantheon.

Traditional sacrifices include swearing, begging, drinking and by throwing your smartphone. Bonus prayer points if pliers are required to remove it from the wall.


I have both Kadilen 4/80 +4 and Lianna 4/80 +5. For Farming I mostly use Kadilen. Especially for auto-farming where AI is not good in choosing targets.
Lianna is good for dealing with strong bosses.

For Blue Titans I use them both, but without a defense debuffer they are not very effective.

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I gotta say, as someone who chose Wait as my first 5* green, I haven’t been that happy with the results. Wait is super hard to find in my enormous hero roster, and he never seems to do anything in my raids or Titans or in wars or quests. I’ve gotten to the point I’m not even bringing him to the field anymore and am bringing a 3/70 Elkanen and/or Kadilen instead. Those guys at least do something, even if they’re squishier than a fully ascended 5*.

Then again, Wait has never died, so he might be a good tank if I could ever find him. I’ll keep looking.

It’s probably been said already, but if you want to have the most no-regret options available, the advice is to hold out for 10 Mysterious Tonics before pulling the trigger (which is what the illustrious Gryphonknight himself recommended). But as others have said, there is absolutely no guarantee that you’ll pull Lianna, and Kadilen is arguably the second best option of the classic 5* green heroes due to her versatility and stats. She’s a great support hero and decent at tanking and protecting the team whereas Groot (Horghall) is only good at center tank and Elkanen is decent but not that flashy.

It does depend a lot on your bench, though. Kadilen as an all-hit can’t reliably knock out a problem hero hiding on the wing or about to fire, but she can protect the team from snipers or all-hits like Azlar or Quintus by absorbing a lot of the blow. She’s a bit squishier than her brother elf, but if you flank her (or have her flank) a healer/tank (like Boldtusk or Kunchen), she’s annoyingly hard to take down if the board doesn’t line up in your favor. I don’t think Kadilen is a bad decision if you’re still missing Lianna as she’s good in a lot of roles compared to the rest.

I decided to use my tonics on Wait when I finally had 6, and the lack of any fully ascended green 5* is starting to bite me hard. While the other colors had fancy toys that could anchor a strike team like Ares, Panther, and Richard, poor ole green needed to depend on Caedmon to potter around. I finally got sick of not having anything sturdy enough to field and pulled the trigger on Elkanen, but that’s because I had both him and his sister elf at 3/70 and need hitters more than support since I’m lousy with support heroes (Kiril, Rigard, Vivica, Wilbur, Boldtusk, Ares, Sabina, Wu Kong… are you noticing a pattern here?).

I don’t think you’ll regret ascending Kadilen, and if you’re lucky, the “curse” of pulling a better hero the moment you ascend a 5* will hit you. That’s how I got my Frida. :wink:


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