Kadilen or Margaret?

Which one should I ascend first? I have full level elkanen, caedmon, gadeirus and melendor. Im trying to deepen my bench for raids mostly.
My main att/def team from left to right: drake 4.80 - wilbur 4.70+9 - magni 4.80+2 - anzogh 4.80+3 - elkanen 4.80+4

Other notable fully or at tier 3 ascended heroes:
Ice:Kiril, Grimm, Triton, Captain of Diamonds
Fire: Elena, Kelile, Scarlett, BT
Holy: Leonidas, li, chao, wu
Dark: Obakan, Domitia, Sargasso, Gafar, Rigard
Pending at 1.1 other 5 stars on bench: Arthur, Thorne, Sartana, 2*Anzoghs, Justice, Obakan, Elena

Thanks for the help!

Seems like you have plenty of AoE attackers but I would still suggest Kadilen.
You could then field this team as a raid defense (ascend Rigard):


Thanks fravit, i never tried wilbur as tank, but probably he is viable enough for that role.
Kadilen seems really useful for defense with her shield against special power especially against heavy hitter teams. Do you have her and use her? Hows she performing? İm not happy with the elkanen so i m not confident for the second forest elf:)

Kad is so-so , Margareth is new , hard to judge for now , but she is specialized hero , could be good for mono team due on her high atk and prevent damage from Fast/VFast Tank.

i suggest you to do Eve / Tarlakk / Morgan / Lianna , but if you cant wait , i vote for Margareth

Personaly i got 12 tonic and still wait for Tarlakk & Liana , both evaded me till now

Nothing dampers the excitement of getting a brand new, very fast HOTM quite like seeing Kad being suggested over her. :rofl:


Yeah i personally favor tarlak too, hope he can showup himself in the next atlantis summon for us! İ desperately need a strong attack buffer

I’ll take Margy any day over Kadilen. A fresh hotM against an aged but fairer skin veteran in Kadilen…lol. jk. Very fast against fast mana. High attack stat which is the main foundation of a good mono team, and the dodging special that includes the nearby allies! While Kadilen’s special can be easily clear by a dispeller, Margy’s does not.
The argument is dodging only involves 3 allies including Margy but I noticed the A1 had been much smarter lately where is will just finished off your weaker heroes instead of hitting the fresh ones!
I’ve had Kadilen at 3 70 but I doubt she will go any further since Lianna just pop out from tc20. Only used her for farming. The % of overall damage, although higher, still not strong enough to really affect the 5 * heroes. Damage was noticeable on 4 * and below though.