Kadilen or little John


I’ve been working through the advanced spring event and now have enough shields to advance either little John to max or Kadilen to 3- 70

Who would benefit me better for a second green in titans or special events

I don’t use either one on my raid team. But I would like to use my shields anyways. They are both pretty good at special events.

Who would you vote gets the shields?

(I don’t ever plan on getting Kadilen to final assention I have many other 5 stars on the list at 70 waiting for the assention materials.)


Given that Challenge Events was part of your use case, I’d go with Little John.

  1. Because of his high attack stat, his tiles do tremendous damage
  2. Charge up his special before starting the boss level, then fire at start of bosses. His special really helps slow when the bosses get their specials fired, giving you time to take them down before incurring much damage.

Kadilen is really about defense, not offense.


Thanks I was leaning towards Little John
He also will help my 4 star special event team.


Sorry for being off-topic. But if there is Little John, and Friar Tuck. Was there an explanation from SSG as to why there is not a Robin Hood? Or was it because he would be too much like Berden?



Nothing I’ve heard. I’d code him to “steal from the rich and give to the poor”—I.e. steal the other side’s buffs.


Or… Just put a spiffy hat on Berden, promote him a star or two and bump his stats and call him Robin Hood. But don’t forget to throw something to replace the original Berden.

What if the other side is weaker, do you steal your own buffs and give to the enemy?


If they made a stand alone Robin hood (not like the Avalon event) they’d have to make him a 5*.

I think the normal stats plus a special that steals mana form opposing team and gives it to your team would be awesome. Maybe like 50% or something, to follow on the steal from the rich and give to the poor theme.


If it is a standalone event, change it a bit so we are not always fighting the hero(es) we are trying to get as reward for the sake of “this being a test of your strengths.”) Make it so that we are actually fighting alongside of the Merrymen against the Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham.


Back to topic… :slight_smile:

Kadilen has better stat Defense, Little John better attack. Hmmm


At 3/70, Kadilen is 585 / 644 / 1047. So comparing like-to-like, there’s a huge gap in attack scores, offset by Kadilen’s defense and HP. As I said above, if you’re looking for offense, LJ is a much better choice.

Full disclosure: my LJ is maxed, my Kadilen is at 2/60. I’ll ascend Zeline #2 before I do anything more with Kadilen.


Yes ma’am…

Looking at these, I think one might find LJ to be of more immediate use than Kadilen because of the attack and mana generation debuff, probably will make him help finish off the battle sooner. With Kadi, her higher defense and overall HP would help her to be more tanky once fully ascended. Her special ability is a bit tricky in the sense that you are hoping to time it correctly so it doesn’t go to waste when enemies are only doing regular attacks or self-buffs. However, that fast mana generation pretty much makes sure you fire that special ability off whenever it is charged just so you don’t have any lapse.

I do not have either one of these at the moment since I just started playing 3 months ago (going on 4th) and is F2P (so it might be a while before I get any of them, and that also comes with an "if).

So my comments may seem like I am not really helping to address the issue. I see all these threads on who to ascend and asking advises on the forum in the hopes that one might hope to seem like he/she made the “correct” decision.

My thoughts to all these debates are that there is really no correct answer because I can find uses for either of these. I am fully aware the current rare/minuscule drops of ascension items on 4* and 5*. I ask, what do you look to get out of this game? Status achievements and bragging rights? How long do you plan on playing this game because of these achievements before you lose interest and go play another game?

I am taking a Zen type approach in that I find every hero useful in some way. I am the type that would spend time to grind heroes and abilities to max level in RPG games. With this game, there is no rush for me to “finish” the game because currently there is no end-game moment, I am not being pressured to complete the map, I might be behind in my alliance in terms of hero strength, but at least there is some improvement each day. I currently have 3 4* 3^60 heroes and I almost have materials to ascend any one of them. My approach is to who to ascend is whichever material comes in first is who is going to graduate. Sure it might take me a long time, but not in big hurry.


Thanks Kirridoc. I have ascended Little John!
No regrets. He is fun to play with when using wu Kong.


I’m glad to see you chose Little John, which is what I was going to suggest. If for no other reason, I believe it’s a waste of AMs to ascend a 5* to tier 3 when you have no intention of ever taking it to tier 4. 4* hero’s at 4/70 are stronger than 5* hero’s are at 3/70. The devs made sure of that. In a situation like this, the 4* is always the better choice.


Kadilen is the worst 5 * of the game, it seems a lie that has not been reviewed. Me, being my only 5, I do not use it. Lj is soft, but very useful, if you do not check kad choose LJ.


I’m not sure your statement is clear to me. Do you agree that Kadilen is the worst 5* or you disagree with this statement?


I believe he is saying that Kad is the worst 5* and that it needs to be buffed. Several other “bad” 5*s recently were.


Yes, I say this. Is true, is very bad hero for 5*


Except she was already buffed twice. I’m not sure they’re going to do it again. She’s my only green 5* ATM, at 3/70 pretty underwhelming.


Is that, in addition to the secondary, in practice, it is laughable, the damage is minuscule. With less than 270 or 300 is a useless hero and it is already a pity to have a 5 * and not worth even to farm. It is unfair.