Kadilen not dying

Went up against a solo Kadilen in war. She only had 44hp and I hit for well over that. Her hp never dropped and her skill wiped my weak cleanup team. Went in again and she died the second time. Had to waste two flags for 31pts.

Well, for starters Kadilen has a very high defense stat. Add to that the defense boost from her troops, and on top of that a 20% hidden defense stat boost as a defender. Plus her special skill gives her protection from enemy special skills, and on top of that she is from the druid class and her thorn minion can provide even more extra protection. So if you go unprepared with a bunch of weak or unleveled heroes this is likely to happen. :slight_smile:


Minion never fired and she took 0 damage from the get go. Didnt lose a single hp point. If I was whining because I didn’t know what I was doing that would be one thing. It was an easy clean up and she lost 0 health. I went right back in with a similar team and wiped her with zero effort. It was a bug so I was reporting it

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Well, I hope you submitted a support ticket for the bug. Let us know if SG gives any reason for the particular incident.

Dang that sucks, wish you filmed it !

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