Kadilen is it worth the materials?

I have Melendor 4/30, Skitt 3/60 and LJ and Kadilen level 1. 12 escudos and 5 tonicos. my problem is usually gloves, bad luck chases me from the beginning with gloves. Kadilen worth it? Who would they ascend?

She’s worth more now that Alliance Wars values defense with the revenge mechanic. She’s pretty worthless for Titans, serviceable in raids, challenges, and defense, especially if you stack her with a buff like with Wu, Kiril, or Boldtusk. Personally, I’d save those ascension materials for Lianna, or a HotM.

I play in raids and events with her…love her special skill…agreed not for Titans . Sure you can wait ( and wait) for Lianna :laughing:

Look at it this way. It takes six months or so to naturally gain a set of 5* ascension materials. You’ll ignore her as soon as you get any HotM, as she’s vastly inferior to Alberich or Zeline. She’s not any better on offense than Skittleskull who you can get in TC13. She’s worse on Titans than Caedaeon, and even when it comes to raids, she has less damage output than Horghall with much lower survivability, and of course she’s much worse than Elkanen for Titan slaying. Much better to stick to your 4s and wait for an actually good 5 to come along.

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