Kadilen is firing after the opponent died


Kadilen is firing after the opponent died.
I don’t know if this caused by the animation, but you can see Kadilen has a delayed fire.
Usually, when you choose to fire two or three heroes, one after another, the game will not let you do that if the current stage requires only a certain amount of damage to be completed. This is not happening to Kadilen, she fires anyway. In vain.
Please fix.


I don’t see. You wanted to post a video or a link?


Kadilen hits all foes, so as long as there are any heroes left and you have tapped her icon, she will fire. If the target has died in the meanwhile, she will retarget (as will any other hero).


Video 1: Gravemaker and Drake Fong are firing. The monsters are completely destroyed.

Video 2: Kadilen, Gravemaker and Drake Fong are firing. Kadilen is firing a split of a second after the monsters died.


Damage has already been done, only the animation is slow…


If the damage was already done, it would not let me to fire the 3rd hero.
This is the problem, the damage is calculated after the animation and it lets you strike with the 3rd hero, unnecessary.
Think of a strike between the rounds in an event where the time is measured. Instead of preserving the 3rd strike, the game lets you do it with Kadilen. It doesn’t happen with any other hero in my team, but Kadilen.


Sorry I think I was not clear.
You fired, calculations are done and then the animations start.
So calculation of damage is done first (and you cannot do more attack because of the kill) and later all animations are displayed one after another.
So this is why you see the animation after he already died


Frames are little out of sync with fire effect as Harry said your actions are recorded but the visuals are bit lagged


If calculations are done before, then why is it letting me fire the 3rd hero?
If you fire just Kadilen, then wait for a while and fire Gravemaker, it’s done. You don’t need to fire Drake Fong after. But if you fire them quick - tap, tap, tap - all 3 heroes are striking.
And that’s happening only with Kadilen in any combination.
I took Drake Fong and Gravemaker as an example.


In the second video I see three numbers (damage) on the 2nd monster. So all three heroes hit him.


It’s as other said, the animation take too long and it seems that she hits after the opponent died, but thats not it. I have Kadilen myself and can confirm it.

You want another silly example? Fight using Isarnia and Little John.
Shot Isarnia first and Little John after.

If a monster/hero die from Isarnia special, he/she disappear AFTER someone shoot by Little John, even if you shoot him before.

Thats because Isarnia animation take quite a while, but Little John animation almost anything.