Kadilen Costume or Odin at Tank?

Odin/Kadilen Costume Tank?
  • Odin Tank
  • Kadilen Costume Tank

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And your opinions please.

Personally I prefer Odin as tank.

With Kadilen, I prefer her on flank, even though she has better tank stats.
Reason being, tank position takes more tile dmg, generally and her buff might wear off or didnt get used at all, since you can wait a bit, if you managed to take tank down with tiles.

With Odin, you must take him down before he fires, or everyone else will fire alot faster, along with Kadilen at flank.

In the end, it still boils down to which other heroes you plan to add along.

Thanks for the Response. This is my current team atm. I have Odin at 3.70 awaiting one more dart. I guess I could have him at tank right? I’m just worried that a lot of high end players have great purple mono teams.

Solid team! do You have any other reds?

Zimkitha and Ares. I don’t want to put Ares at tank. Ideally I would have Zimkitha in their as a flank but Kadilen is taking up all the emblems atm.

I would do: Marj - C.Magni - C.Kad - WR - JB

If you add Odin: Marj - C.Magni - C.Kad - Odin - JB

Odin in wing doesn’t take full advantage of his mana buff. Odin as tank can work but I’d probably use a different green (ex: Frigg). If you use Odin with C.Kad, I think it would be best to tank C.Kad and flank with Odin.

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go Magni, Zimkitha, Odin, Kadilen, Jabberwock

There… all your mid is fast hit all with support abilites for your team :slight_smile:

Do you have Vela? if so, switch Vela with Magni :slight_smile:

Fantastic work!

This is excellent very tough to beat teams like this with heroes hitting all once they fire.

Its got nice balance too. Defence Down, Attack Up, Mana Generation, Dodge and DOT. It has it all.

Thanks mate.

Don’t have Vela but she would be a nice addition.

She is still a great hero even with the Nerfs.

any other blue maybe? Magni is fine but looking for potential upgrades to current cetup

Only have Raffaele and Glenda in terms of Blue.

Well, Magni will be great anyway :wink:

Try it and let me know, how it goes!

Thanks for the help. Going to be a while till I can fully test this Team out. But when I do I’ll will report back.

Marjana - cMagni - cKadilen - Odin - Jabber

Yep that looks good too AirHawk. I will be going with this until I can Emblem Zimkitha.

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Seems like you found me but you haven’t changed your defense yet

Wow didn’t even know I raided against you. Yeah I wont be changing it until I can Ascend Odin to his final level.

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