Kadilen, Bertilla or Horghall as tank (and Elkanen)

Hi all,

I have currently Kingston +18 as tank in war and I am thinking to train either Kadilen,Bertilla or Horghall as alternative,
What do you think?

Kingston is better than Horghall, Bertilla can be useful for rush battles, Kadilen is a bit underwhelming if you don’t have her costume.

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Kadilen is probably best over all.

Berti if you want a rush specialist or if you have loads more fighter emblems than druid.

Horghall if you are a G20 nation, have overcommitted to a carbon reduction policy and need to grow some trees to cover for your new coal power station.


I have C Horghall as my tank but I’d probably go with Bertila if you don’t have Horghall’s costume and Bertila is better tank for equalizer war

I have lots of Druid emblems for Kadilen.

For Bertilla I would need to redistribute fighter emblems, I do not want to take them away from Kingston, as he is my best green hero, but could transfer some from Magni.
This would weaken my blue stack, which is the weakest colour of mine.

The choice is between kadilen and bertila.

İ would lean on kadilen considering the emblems.


I forgot to thank you all four input.

Thank you!


Normal Kadilen+19 with lvl 16 crit troop.
Full attack + def path talents.

Another edge for her is that her last talent node is 4% mana and combined with lvl1 mana troop or costume mana bonus she will load in 6 tiles in very fast wars and tournaments.

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Kadilen 100% here’s why:

• you won’t want to remove emblems from Kingston and set in Bertila.
• kadilen is 100 times better than Horghall in 99,9% of situations and they both are Druids. she deserves the emblems all the way.
• both bertila and horghall gonna die before they even fire their skills when used as tank.

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Thanks, I agree Kadiilen seems to be the better tank at normal speed. 1/3 of war’s a very fast though,I think there Bertila is better, with undead horde she also will get some extra boost when the undead minions die, but Kadilen is still better.

I also think for tournaments Bertilla will be more helpful for me in attack, especially the very fast tournaments, as all my trained greens are fast. For Titans I do not need any of them. For raids my green attack stack is Lianna, Kingston and Evelyn there is also no room. For war I think I like Bertila more.

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Horghall with costume/costume bonus is definitely better tank than Kadilen without costume/costume bonus, but if you have costume for Kadilen, then I’d definitely go with her as your tank. If you don’t have costume for both, then Kadilen is a better choice. By the way, Horghall with costume bonus and level 29 mana troop (or level 17 mana troop and 4% mana bonus from emblems or level 23 mana troop and 2% mana bonus from emblems) is basically average mana speed hero. I don’t recommend ever maxing Horghall without costume/costume bonus though (mine was benched for over 2.5 years at 3/70)

I currently use Horg with costume bonus as my tank, he replaced my Kadilen with no costume as tank some time ago. But I recently got Bertilla, I think she’d be better tank than Horg for rush attack, war equalizer and maybe undead minion wars, but I also have a lot of available fighter emblems. You have them on Kingston which I’m sure is a great hero. If you get avalaible emblems for Bertila one day or if you want to reset Kingston, I’d probably use her as tank for war types I mentioned before.

I don’t agree with this statement. For war equalizer wars/ minion wars Bertila gets a boost (removing ailments for equalizer wars and minion boost for undead minion wars) and if the opposition uses other than strong color (red as she is green) then she has a very high chance to fire.
Kadilen w/o costume can fire 2 times and she’s not devastating. Bertilla fires once and she can be very devastating.
I used Kadilen for a long time as my war tank, cause my green color was always my weak color and I rarely didn’t get one-shot in any war type and I went fully defense/attack with emblems on her.
That’s all of course just my personal view on this.

I’ve meant for normal raid defense. Tournaments and war modes needs further analysis. Indeed, depending on tournament and war rules one of those 3 can fit better than another.

My raid defense is set with Richard +20, we have green tanks in war so I need one of them. I need to wait for more bottles and I will choose then, when I have 6 again… Currently it seems to be Kadilen for me although Bertila is so interesting for other parts of the game.

well Thorwin asked for war defense, so I gave my opinion about it. I personally don’t think raid defense matters that much, if you have one defense team that is capable enough to stay in diamond.

I think Bertila is a better option. Kadilen is better just If you get her costume imo.

Bertila is better on rush wars, equalize and Minions imo. I think she are better as offensive hero too. If you already has Evelyn, you can use both on attack. She has a nice defense status, and a great damage in all (290%).

Defense is more about board, good or bad boards. But if they start a bad board, She can cast (Isarnia, Elena cast some times, why not Bertila???)

I think tonics are more rare than emblems, and I don’t choose a Hero Just because defense, I choose by the overall. If Kingston is doing their job at current status on offensives, you can use new emblems on her, don’t need to remove from any one.

But, If you want to try to get Kadilen custume in a near future, in this way, you can choose her.

Thanks to all, another alternative could be Elkanen, he is already leveled so I do not need tonics, I would need to redistribute emblems from Vivica, which would hurt my first yellow attack stack, but I could do it.
Joon will be ready soon to take over her place anyhow. So is Elkanen +18 a valid alternative? If yes defensive setup ( shields and life) makes most sense, right.

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