Kadilen against WuKong

Today during the tournament I had a strange experience. My third game Alfhild vs. player name removed. Near the end of this round they are only two heroes on the field. In the opposite WuKong is activated and my hero Kadilen is fully loaded with mana. Both heros had only about 100 live points (it was close). Now, it was my turn and I activated Kadilen. But Kadilen didn’t hit WuKong and shot next to him. In the next turn WuKong hit Kadilen and I lost this game.
Now my question: If WuKong is active, with -32% accuracy, why is Kadilen shooting in the sky?

That should have no impact on your heroes.

It’s either

A) your hero had an accuracy debuff
B) Wu had a Dodge or evade buff
C) a bug

Did any of the enemy heroes have a blind or dodge ability?

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Really, I think is more a bug. Because I have WuKong too. And both Kadilen and WuKong in the same Team, then you can see such sky shot from Kadilen if WuKong is active.

Was your Wu Kong also in the team? Is it possible that his special was still active?

No in this tournament he isn’t in any team.
My team is LiXiu, Sabina, Elena, Tiburtus and Kadilen.

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Might be worth submitting a support ticket in game then :+1:

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o.k. the support ticket its done


This point is still busy in my mind. May be is was an accuracy debuff indeed. Because Justicia and Joon exists in the opposing team also. I cant say whether one of the two Kadilen in my team hit a short time ago, bevore they died. Even more then Justicia is shooting all members of a team.

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