Justice, without an edge

How come justice special only works in 4 rounds,when all the similar heroes like horghall, isarnia and even colen and skittle is active in 6 turns? And why does it not state how much the accuracy decreases? The other mentioned heros are open with how much their abilities hits.
My proposition is make justice average or make her active for 6 rounds lika the others.


I plan to get Justice, so I strongly oppose this suggestion.

What do you mean Brobb?

I’m being a little facetious. I mean that Justice is a very powerful hero, probably more so than the others you mention, and I do not see that there is a reason to modify him. Errr… her. Him? Her? Whatever.

I don’t have Justice, myself, but I would very much like to. I would be disappointed were I to get Justice, only to find him/her ‘adjusted’ to the point where s/he was no longer as effective.

Sorry that my initial comment was unclear, btw. I was being glib - with hindsight it was obviously confusing.

Just curious, do you see more use cases for justice than raid defense tank? I’m sitting on the ascension mats for justice, but I’m still waiting for Joon or Vivica…

Justice was worth doing a long time ago but they nerfed her a few times which basically ruined her she is not worth doing now use your mats elsewhere trust me

I have a fully acsended justice, and I see no use for her at all. I really can’t see that she is better than the others. In raids I kinda often meet colen, skittle and isarnia, almost never justice or horghall. She has lots of life, sure, but thats it. She rarely gets to fire her slow special. And why only 4 rounds, all the other similar heroes have 6 rounds for their special!? Less accuracy isn’t better at all in my opinion. She also attacks weakly, far less than isarnia, less then all of them actually.

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blind is way more effective for defense than lowering attack.

i myself have Horghall, and he’s basically only useful for defense (so i feel your pain). I remember going against Boar’s defense when he has justice up front and I think I’ve never won from him :wink: Now that clearly also has to do with the rest of his team… but I have a better track record going against Zero for example.

I rather hit for slightly less than my normal attack value than for nothing at all, not to even mention the fact that you’d miss your status effects (lowering defense etc) which you wouldn’t with other specials.

Don’t think justice needs a buff. She is not one of the strongest heroes to pick because she is only good for defense - but she is definitely one of the better ones at that.

I’m with @loorts on this, though I do not have Justice. Primary use would definitely be as a raid defence tank, but I’d love to run her on offence, too - I think she’d be fun.

Slow mana build doesn’t bother me. I think fast mana is overrated.


I don’t have Justice, but i definetely ascend her if i have it.

She is pretty much only for defence, but she is so good at it (maybe lesser then before, but still good)
and if you not have Guinevre (as myself) she is a valid sobstitute.

Some point in time raid gain some value, i know for sure, and have her is a boost :slightly_smiling_face:

i hear what you say. I don’t really agree. She is boring, yet beautiful. My only 5 and I don’t ever use her.

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Somebody has to be the best on a team. If Justice gets a buff, Joon takes a seat.

If Justice gets a buff, she could be the best holy raid defender, but she will never overtake Joon (or any other legendary holy, or Chao or Kong) against titans, nor is she likely to be better than Joon (or Musashi) as a raid attacker.

Her niche is raid defense, but it’s such a passive and minuscule part of the game that it’s not surprising those with Justice don’t fully ascend her.

(I have her, and don’t plan to ascend her all the way as things stand. Tabards are just too rare, and she would not help with titans—a major part of the game—at all.)

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I think you meant poison darts, but I take your point.

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Did they nerf her blindness ability recently to -35% accuracy only? I don’t see anything in the patch notes but I could have sworn that it used to be higher (-39% I think).

Also, does anyone know if missed tiles caused by the blindness mechanic generate double the mana like regular missed ("ghosted ") tiles? If so, that would be a big disadvantage of a hero like her.

Don’t know about the accouracy before, but Joon has the same percentage for only one, while Hu tao has the same of Justice.
So it seems fair IMO compared to Joon, not much on Hu tao side.

About ghosting tiles, it is true that you gain double mana from that, but at the same time you get mana too without taking damage. And the special they charge can miss too.

Pros and cons, when Justice shoot her special is really a lottery.
Sometimes i win without problems, sometimes i miss whatever i do. (and get smoked)

I believe Joon’s is -40% accuracy for 6 turns and fast mana charge. I think this is good for a 5 star hero. As per the original poster’s complaint, I find it odd that Justice, another 5 star yellow hero, has a special ability that is both 5% weaker and shorter lasting. Yes it can hit up to 5 targets but this is the trade-off for being a slow hero. Other comparable slow mana tanky heroes like Horghall and Richard both have status effects that last 6 turns, making the long wait almost worthwhile.

As for the one third chance to miss on specials while blinded, this doesn’t affect heals and buffs of course and for offensive attacks, delaying a few turns until the blindness is over is option if it only lasts 4 rather than 6 turns.

As an attacker, I’d much rather face a Justice tank than almost any other 5 star tank in the game (except maybe Thorne, but that’s another discussion lol).

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