Justice vs HuTao chance to blind

Is Justice chance to blind bigger than HuTao’s?

You asking if Justice have a better chance to blind the opponent?

If you asking this, than i guess the answer is no. Same chance.

The cards merely say “enemies are less accurate [blind] for four turns”:

Naturally, they hit differently and have different def/HP, though they are both Slow. Things to consider when picking your hero… :wink:

What he wants to know is the % of blind damage on the enemies. I agree it should be given on the cards. Same goes for “moderate amount of damage dealt healed back” and “minor damage to nearby enemies”. These NEED numbers on the cards. It’s like they had “and deals some damage over time” on Marjana/Sartana/Colen etc heroes or “reduces enemy defense by a fair amount” for Gormek/Tibby etc


Agreed Ellilea. Hopefully soon! :no_mouth:

If you press and hold on heroes, it gives you stats and turn duration on buffs/debuffs during the battles…(also exact hp)

I dont fight Justice or Joon too often so i dont know. ( i debuff miss right away too.)

Hu tao is 35%. Bane is 35%.

Someone check?

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Joon at 5/8 is 34%.
HuTao at 8/8 is 35%.
Was Bane at 8/8?

I never saw Justice. I’ll keep looking.


Joon at 8/8 is 40%
Bane at 8/8 is 35%
Justice at 7/8 is 33% accuracy

Bane was 8/8 yes. Didnt think higher level would make you miss more but looks like so if joon is 34%

Read back. I found most at 8/8, Justice at 7/8.