Justice - Tooltip wrong?

I don’t know if Justice was buffed with the last patch, at least i think her tooltip said nothing exactly about the accuracy debuff in old versions, now there is said it’s -35%.

Just wondered if this is correct, i fought against Justice several times today and my impression was it is more that enemies have a 35% chance to hit, so it would be -65%. Found it very impressive and powerful.

Don’t get me wrong: No whining about it, just wondering if the tooltip might be incorrect…

tried six more raids against opponents with her. While her debuff was active, ALL my special attacks missed, also most of the tiles. could still be pure coincidence, so maybe someone else can give it a try and post his impression? I know it needs several tries to find an opponent with her…

If she was buffed so cool, i really need her for my team :slight_smile:

it’s a %, even with 1% chance of missing, you can miss 100% of your hits if you are unlucky
Here, it doesn’t mean that you will miss 35% of your hits, but on each hit, you have 35% chance of missing, so you can miss 65% of your hits if you are unlucky, but it’s not a bug in my opinion.

I may be wrong :slight_smile:

Yeah sure. But i found it very surprising that her debuff is that effective.

First i thought it is calculated for the whole attack you’re doing, let me exlain:
If i have her debuff on Colen who attacks all enemies with his special skill and the game calculates the chance to hit… as a result Colen hits all enemies or none of them.
But this seems to be wrong, it seems that the chance to miss is calculated for every single target, and also for every single tile you’re firing.

So it should really be that about a third of your attacks miss, but it seems more that only a third of the attacks hit…

For all hitters/buffers they added what the actual % is versus minor, moderate, etc.

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