Justice or Mica?

One mat away from ascending a yellow. I have joon (#2), Mica and Justice.

I would benefit from a good yellow, top 200 alliance and for rush defense wars only options are Poseidon, Norns and Gulli. Should Justice be in defense? Or Mica?

I recon Mica is also useful in raids and against titans.

Mica without doubt. Don’t even think about it


Second vote for Mica. Formica Laminate.

I have Mica at 4/65. He’s a beast. But I am not convinced that ninjas are a good choice for defense. The AI doesn’t make good use of their power. Farm a moderately difficult level and use auto play to see what I mean. The AI almost never chooses the right time to use their specials.


Food for thought. Mica is pure utility. Inflicting zero damage on an enemy with his special is a problem. Aegir does similar with his damage share and he isn’t seen as a top tier hero. Micas biggest advantage is his mana generation increase but I don’t think having that alone makes him great on defense. I have him at +4 and don’t find him to be a great defender personally. For one thing, purple is heavy in the dispel department and that just happens to be Micas downside. I only use him for offense.

However, when compared to Justice I think I would prefer Mica, but he’s still not a great defensive choice being so passive imo.

Mica. Even on defense they are quite formidable.

Don’t be tricked into thinking that they follow a strict rule on defense for only firing at a predetermined special level. They might charge to level 3; however, I’ve noticed after they’ve been attacked and/or get to a certain health, their special can fire off at their current level (be it level 1 or level 2).

Guys, i need suggestion whose to max out, mica (3-70) or g. gazelle (3-70). i got 9 dart plus 12 orb.
my yellow (4* & 5*) roster max out :joon (+7), mist, li xiu,
yellow (4* & 5*) not level up: bae yeong, justice, leonidas, danzaburo, wu kong, g. jackal, chao, hu tao
ninja family : onyx (+4), mica (3-70), ametrine & shapphire (both of them not leveled up yet)
5* already leveled up : telly (+6), alasie (+1), joon (+7), onyx (+7), mitsuko (+7), seshat (+4)
5* temp max, waiting for ascension mats: francine (3-70), glenda (3-70), tarlak (3-70), mica (3-70), g. gazelle(3-70)
4* already max: wilbur (+7), boldtusk (+15), g. falcon (4-70), kelile (+12) scarlet (4-70), colen (4-70), c.kiril (4-70), grimm (+4), sonya (+1), proteus (+7), tiburtus (+13), rigard (+7), li xiu (4-70), mist (4-70), almur (+7), gaderius (+11)

Well, I can wait for a better hero to ascend… Second Joon is out of the question. Maybe costumes will bring smth.Other 5* yellow I have are Joon, Poseidon, Norns, Inari (who needs a buff)

Season 4 brings OP heroes but with my luck this means second half of 2021 :slight_smile:

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Gazelle all day long.

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Thanks JDerek. I max out gazelle already +7

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