Justice or Inari or Neith Yellow (Holy) hero ascension

Justice or Inari or Neith Yellow (Holy) hero ascension: who is the best choice?

Hi everyone, I’m relatively new to E&P (both the game and community forum) and have been spending time reading many of the different topics and this forum really helps me understanding how to play. I do my best to make decisions based on what I’ve read, along with my 5 months of experience playing, but I am interested in garnering information and advice for determining which of the three yellow holy heroes should I level up and ascend: Justice or Inari or Neith

Justice is 3.70 and needs 2 poison darts

Inari is 2.60 but ready to go 3.1 today

Neith is 2.1 but can be at 2.60 in a few weeks

I have enough 1 and 2 Yellow (Holy) food heroes and also 10 max level yellow trainers to feed only one (or…at least feed only one that I focus on) which is why I am reluctant to make a decision without help from the community.

I am a C2P type of player (limited budget) at level 35, and do a considerable amount of farming which helps me practice and gain more resources and I just recently joined a really good alliance team where we are already fighting 6* titans and more advanced opposing teams.

My biggest limiting factor is the ascension materials (mats):

I’m hoping to obtain the two poison darts that I need for Justice sometime within the next 2 to 3 weeks somehow, but there’s no guarantee.

If I decide that the better option is to continue leveling up either Inari or Neith, then which one?

Either of the three options will set me back a few months before I can obtain additional mats to level up another yellow hero.

My current A team/Defense team:
Vivica 4.80+4
Kingston 4.76
Richard 4.80+3
BT 3.80+6
Sabina 3.80+7

I hope this gives some good background and I’m looking forward to some good insights

Thanks you in advance!

I lean towards Neith a bit, since you don’t have an offensive 5* yellow hero… although “offensive” is kinda generous to Neith.

The blind-to-all is the main appeal of her to me. The mana reduction is bad without the right teammates; heroes that can take advantage of the turn she buys, or further capitalize with their own mana reductions or sabotage. Her skill damage – despite a great attack stat – isn’t anything to write home about either.

But the blind-all is nice, and has saved me, even when I can’t take advantage of the mana reduction and the enemy still fires their skill. Although it’s risky since the enemy may not miss, but when they miss it’s such a good feeling.

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I would go with Neith. I would normally put her above Justice and equal with Inari. However, Neith is very easy to use, where Inari is not. You will find Neith much more useful in your current level of play and will last you for a very long time.


Thanks for this information @DaveCozy
I didn’t know much about her mana pros or cons.
I have a teammate in my alliance that has Justice and looks pretty stout, but I’m really weighing the options and the more I know about Neith, the better.

thanks again

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Thanks for your insights @Hcmitchellr, so wow!..Neith over Justice…she does have more to offer (resist and mana). Thanks again

It’s very hard for me to justify maxing Justice for your current roster.

You’ve already got Richard for your tank and he’ll want the Paladin emblems as well. Not to mention, you’ve got Neith if you want blindness to all enemies; she’s faster than Justice, which is more valuable even if the accuracy drop is a tiny bit smaller, as Neith will fire her skill earlier more often than Justice, when it’ll be more valuable for you.

Not that Justice is a bad hero; she’s just outclassed for your current roster.